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The Mistress of Darkness is In

The rants, complaints, and life story of a 20-something year old female otaku.

  1. It's Been a While...

    It's kind of been a while since I posted here. As my last blog entry stated, it decided to move back to Illinois. I moved in with a friend and found a job at the local Wal-Mart. We got more friends to move in and now we have four people living in a technical one bedroom apartment. [We converted the unused living room into another bedroom.] I've kind of just been floating along, struggling to hold onto money. I've worked two conventions since moving back, and have at least one more for this year. ...
  2. Decided to Move Back

    So. I decided very early this morning I'm moving back to Illinois. I'm done with the drama the people I live with are throwing me into and I'm more done cleaning up after them and their terrible kid. Not my responsibility. Leaving in roughly a day to a day and a half. Thank ****ing god. At least all my belonging fit into totes?
  3. Just Keep Swimming...

    I am really tired, but just don't want to sleep. I don't work today, but I feel like I need to stay awake. And it seems that logic is failing me. The only time I can survive three days with no sleep or a couple of hours is when I am working anime conventions. =/ Well. Time for sleep. Lets see if I actually hear my alarm and don't sleep all day.