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Valvrave the Liberator Season 2

The second season of laser space vampire high schoolers piloting suicidal mechs against space-nazis and space-USA.

Kill la Kill

Ryuko is searching for her father's murderer, her only clue half of a pair of giant scissors. She transfers into Honnoji Academy, a dystopian high school ruled by the student council who possess Goku Uniforms; uniforms imbued with super powers.

Pokemon Origin

A reboot/retelling of the original Pokemon game, featuring Red and Green as the protagonist and rival. Much grittier and truer to the Pokemon manga Adventures in tone and direction.

Kyoukai no Kanata

A pair of high schoolers, a half youmu boy and a girl who can wield blood magic, wind up involved in super natural events occurring in their town.

Hajime no Ippo Rising

Long awaited new season of the well-known anime and manga, about a young boxer named Ippo rising up through Japan's ranks, as he aims for a match against his rival, Miyata.

Space Dandy

The Dandiest Man in Space, Dandy, is an alien hunter searching for undiscovered species with his robot assistant QT and a cat alien named Meow.

Samurai Flamenco

An eccentric male model decides to become a super hero in order to become a hero of justice, despite having no super powers.

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  • Prince of Tennis Celebrates 10th Anniversary

    Image from Prince of Tennis

    2011 will be a big year to celebrate for fans of The Prince of Tennis.

    Next year will be the popular tennis anime’s 10th year anniversary. To celebrate this grand first decade, there will be TeniPuri Festival 2011 in Budokan where fans can not only buy especially rare TeniPuri goods but also meet and greet their favorite characters. For those who don't know, TeniPuri is Japan's short term for Prince of Tennis.

    Also, this coming December 15, the festival’s theme song will be released as a single. Entitled Love Festival sung by the characters of the show, there will be a bonus track titled Festival wa Totsuzen—a duet between Takeshi Konomi (the series creator) and Ryoma’s seiyuu, Junko Minagawa. Fans can hear Ryoma, Keigo and Seiichi’s voices for free as this song will also be played all through out the festival.

    Takeshi Konomi will host a special talk show on the single’s release party this December 23 in Nishiyodogawaku Hall in Osaka. Unfortunately, fans need to fill out an application at Animate Tennouji Shop to reserve a seat as the shop has limited accommodations.

    The festival will be open three times for two days this January 22 and 23. Each period will have its own theme: Heart, Art and Body or Shin Gi Tai. The festival will start with Shin at 5PM JST followed by Gi and Tai the next day at 11AM and 5PM respectively. Guests for all three periods include the entire Seigaku team and some members of Hyotei, Rokkaku, Rikkaidai, ****enhoji and Higa. Tickets are a bit pricey. It costs ¥5,500 or approximately $66.

    Be sure to check the festival out! Other details are on their festival's official website
    Comments 7 Comments
    1. Haruki-kun's Avatar
      Haruki-kun -
      Ah, I wanna go too... >___> I'm sure it'll be pretty successful, even if there are a lot of people who think or are starting to find Prince of Tennis overrated.

      Side note: Boy, Ryoma looks sooo hot in that pic.
    1. chibisuke02's Avatar
      chibisuke02 -
      OMG ! Newbie here ~ Addicted to PoT .
      Wanna go too ^^
    1. Haruki-chan's Avatar
      Haruki-chan -
      Oh man I wish I could go!!! D:
    1. Sakiya Rumei's Avatar
      Sakiya Rumei -
      Perhaps I am the only one more interested in the announcement of a new series?
    1. dueet's Avatar
      dueet -
      That sounds awesome! :o
    1. Isui Minakami's Avatar
      Isui Minakami -
      echizen is the coolest
    1. Issendai's Avatar
      Issendai -
      Quote Originally Posted by chibisuke02 View Post
      OMG ! Newbie here ~ Addicted to PoT .
      Wanna go too ^^
      same here!! :3