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Shannon Apple

Silly Little Internet Girls

Rating: 6 votes, 5.00 average.
One of the few pet hates I have are these girls online who claim to be stalked all over the internet by "creepers."

Now we all have the creeper or two who will just latch on, simply because you are female, OR they have some romanticised idea of you from your online persona. Maybe it's your game character or how you post on forums, the tone of voice that you use in your writing, (writing style) but this is completely different and can't really be helped.

What annoys me are these ridiculous girls who go out of their way to attract stalkers/admirers and then complain about it when one of them turns out to be a bit of a weirdo.

Girl to guy that she talks to for the first time: "I get creepers creepin all over me because I apparently I am very pretty. You should go take a look at the photos I just posted." (Insert myspace angles to make her look prettier than she actually is)

WELL DOH! You bring it on yourselves, crazy biatches... and I don't feel sorry for you when you get them wanting to come to your house. LOL, all I can say is "Man the baseball bats!"

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  1. Struggler's Avatar
    Then gtfo!
  2. Ta-Ka's Avatar
    Shannon: give me money and I will buy a new camera
    Struggler: OK.
    Shannon goes out to dinner from the money struggler gave her.
  3. Shannon Apple's Avatar
    You're so mean struggler!

    And Takera, you ruined all my plans. GTFO!
  4. Struggler's Avatar
    What kind of moron would give a woman money to do with as she pleases? That's just asking for it to be used on something stupid! May as well just throw the cash away.

    And I'm not mean, you buttface.
  5. Green Bird's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Struggler
    And I'm not mean, you buttface.
    I'm guessing pics are no longer necessary then.

    As you've already conceded that you like a duck's backside may we reffer to you as buttface? :3
  6. Bristecom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by [ Takerá ]
    Creepers are fine aslong as you keep your profile low as a girl people dont have to know how to you look like, what your real name is etc. keep that to your friends. hehe and I agree with you shannon I remember seeing a funny picture a person posted where a girl had over 500 notifications on facebook while a guy had like 2.
  7. Shannon Apple's Avatar
    Yes, you are mean you turdface. :o :/

    LOL reverse psychology don't work. I stand by my record that I have never posted in LV... well, only to moderate the thread, but no pics

    As for FB, mine looks more like the last one. LMAO... might have a bunch of daft notifications cuz of people sending game requests and crap. I do not add people that I do not know and I do not give away information on what I am doing unless in private message(none of anyone's business) so my page is quite... boring =) Just how I like it. ^^
  8. Struggler's Avatar
    Turdface?! Now that is just way out of line Shannon. You've gone too far.
  9. Shannon Apple's Avatar
    D: D: D: D:
    no really D:
  10. The King of Horror's Avatar
    Annnndddd this is why I love this forum. Also, homosexuals are just as bad. Taking sluty ass pictures and not expecting old men to message them for a good time then *****ing about it. Ugh. Get over your damn self. Also, I refuse to believe Shannon is anything short of a gorgeous wood nymph that frolics in the tree of Yggdrasil.
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