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It's Done. I guess.

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Finished the Lain piece. That is, I can't see what can be done to improve it. I think I added a bit too much detail in the background and it overshadows the figure, but since I was experimenting, I guess it's excusable.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Lain-v5.0-HD.jpg 
Views:	72 
Size:	94.8 KB 
ID:	3312

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  1. BlackTemplar's Avatar
    It is nice.

    Things i would change because of my own preference:
    Longer hair
    Different facial expression
    Would have placed her left hand on her hip

    My two cents. Its still quite nice however chief.
  2. Volk's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment. To adress your preferences.

    I think I used the correct length hair for that particular character.

    What kind of expression would you use?

    I've done the hand on the hip with Cass, so I was trying to do something different, but natural looking.