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Thread: Gory Anime

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    Default Gory Anime

    Can someone list all Gory Anime you know? So i want something that's just BLOOD, SLICING, and i dont care if the story is good or bad. Thanks.

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    Elfen Lied.

    Paranoia Agent.

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    These anime all have a fair amount of gore:

    Berserk, Elfen Lied, Baccano, Gantz, Gungrave, Shigurui, Ninja Scroll, Black Lagoon, Akira

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    This is exactly how I used to approach anime.

    Ninja Scroll. Or Berserk if you're looking for a series.

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    Elfen Lied and Beserk are the only gory anime's I know.
    Both VHD movies have a good amount of gore as well.

    Oh ya,
    And the Blood+ is really gory too.
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    Elfen Lied is THE gore
    Claymore is also very gore'y, and also a real fantastic history

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    Yeah - Hellsing! But to be honest, the anime sucks just my opinion! If you really want to get the Hellsing kick, look for the books! They are pure imbaness

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    Gantz and Claymore are both very gory as is Elfen Lied, Fist of the North Star also has some very epic gory moments.


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