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Thread: College Anime?

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    Default College Anime?

    I just got done watching Genshiken (I hope I spelled that right) I kind of enjoyed it, but I'd like one that focused a little less on otaku lifestyle and more on college lifestyle itself.
    I've seen Welcome to the NHK, Love Hina, and this one. Out of those three I'd like something with the funny feel of Love Hina, but with the age group of Genshiken. If that makes any sence. Doesn't really have to be slice of life, just something that focuses on protagonists in college. I'm tired of watching things about high school, ya know?
    Thanks for any help
    Jai Guru Deva Om

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    I haven't seen Genshiken, but I know Ah My Goddess has a cast of college students. It's got a slightly different feel than Love Hina, but not so much so that I think you wouldn't like it.

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    I know exactly what you mean about being tired of watching high school anime. I'm in the same boat.

    Honey and Clover is an excellent anime featuring college students. It's about a group of college students who are trying to figure out life and love. It has its fair share of drama and love triangles yet doesn't come across as a cliche. This one is basically split in terms of being romance and a slice of life. It offered a lot of food for thought that I, as a university student, can relate to. It is also hilarious at times, which is a plus.

    Right now I'm watching Maison Ikkoku, which is one of the best anime I've seen. The main character is a university student who lives in a sort of boarding house/appartment with a very eccentric group of neighbours. The story is primarily about the protagonist's love interest in the older, female manager of his boarding house, but his life as a college student is also a key component to the plot. The characters in this anime are also unique and have realistic flaws - there is a lot of alcoholism which adds to the hilarity of the series. I can't recommend this anime enough if you're interested in a romance with elements of college life and growing up.

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    i second honey and clover and also you can try ai yori aoshi but this one is more focussed in romance so they dont focus as much as honey and clover in college stuff.

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    Ai Yori Aoshi was decent but its more of a harem at heart. Its very similar to Love Hina in feel, so if you liked Love Hina you will probably enjoy Ai Yori Aoshi.

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