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Valvrave the Liberator Season 2

The second season of laser space vampire high schoolers piloting suicidal mechs against space-nazis and space-USA.

Kill la Kill

Ryuko is searching for her father's murderer, her only clue half of a pair of giant scissors. She transfers into Honnoji Academy, a dystopian high school ruled by the student council who possess Goku Uniforms; uniforms imbued with super powers.

Pokemon Origin

A reboot/retelling of the original Pokemon game, featuring Red and Green as the protagonist and rival. Much grittier and truer to the Pokemon manga Adventures in tone and direction.

Kyoukai no Kanata

A pair of high schoolers, a half youmu boy and a girl who can wield blood magic, wind up involved in super natural events occurring in their town.

Hajime no Ippo Rising

Long awaited new season of the well-known anime and manga, about a young boxer named Ippo rising up through Japan's ranks, as he aims for a match against his rival, Miyata.

Space Dandy

The Dandiest Man in Space, Dandy, is an alien hunter searching for undiscovered species with his robot assistant QT and a cat alien named Meow.

Samurai Flamenco

An eccentric male model decides to become a super hero in order to become a hero of justice, despite having no super powers.

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    Gurren Laggan. Even the first episode is already has som actions in it. And after the time-skip, the actions just keeps coming and got better everytime.

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    The most action packed of course BLEACH there is like a figth like every episode and blood.
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    Hokuto no ken! That **** is action, blood and gore to the max!

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    most action per episode goes to Afro Samurai! xD First scene involves decapitation!

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    okay not so bloody or anything but gurren lagann holds a place in my heart as i think of myself as simon scared as **** but once i pick up my courage i can do anything lol

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    How has Gurren Lagann not dominated this topic?

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    Afro Samurai obviously. I mean, fighting is the entire point of the anime. Guys kill and maim to be number 2 so they can challenge the number 1. For what reason? Nothing more than pride of course (except for the main character who actually has a REAL reason for fighting)

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    Imo it would be Yu Yu Hakusho.

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    ya DBZ has the best action of all the animes but i agree that it has many repetitions too, sometimes it bores me.

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    There are so many to choose from... but if I had to chose just one.. I'd go with One Piece ^^

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    Its hard to name one that is the most action packed. Many of them have tons of action. ummm Sekirei has a lot of action. But in the interest of PG13ism, id vote something like Bleach, Inuyasha, Dragonball series, and Canaan.

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    I'll write a list, starting with my favourites!

    • TEKNOMAN! Great sci-fi action almost every episode, loads of alien-slaughtering, lots of really great duels between the various Teknomen.
    • GUYVER: The Bio-boosted Armour. Not as bloody or grim as the 1989 OVA, it still has plenty of fighting in it and a healthy dose of action and violence. Still prefer the 1989 one though.
    • ACCEL WORLD. Get through the melodrama and romance to discover amazing and beautifully animated fight scenes.
    • DRAGONBALL Z. Need I say more?
    • GENOCYBER. This one is very disturbing and gory, but if you have some serious guts, this one has lots of fighting between various Guyver-type mechas and cyborgs. Also, loads AND I MEAN LOADS of genocidal mass destruction.
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    NARUTO SHIPPUDEN. Idc what you say, it is the best.

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    afro samurai, yu yu hakusho, bleach, dbz, outlaw star

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    DBZ action??? WTF are you talking about, 99% of the time they are either charging up a special move or just trash talking.

    Naruto probally has the most action in each episode/the series, and It's also like an insane 600+ episodes long(as far as quality goes as a whole, that's a different story all together though).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raine™ View Post
    How has Gurren Lagann not dominated this topic?
    I was thinking the same thing! I would say in pretty much every episode, they are either beating the crap out of multiple mechs, or they are blowing stuff up.

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    Gurren Laggan has too many penis metephors...

    Just sayin'

    I'll vote for Hellsing Ultimate. That show is all kinds of messed up, but theres more bullets flying and asses getting kicked than in any anime I've ever seen.

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    dragon ball Z of course the shows almost nothing but fighting but its not the only super action packed anime. bleach went through a period when there was nothing but fights in every single episode. naruto and the fullmetal series was also action packed. so was helsing and trigun and wolf rain they were all action packed. cow boy bebop, ghost in the shell, samurai 7, all had theyre moments. wasnt the original transformers cartoon an anime because if it was it is well worthy of a spot on the list. but still non of them even come close to dragon ball Z not even dragon ball or dragon ball gt. dragon ball Z is just action thats its only element and it takes that to the max.

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    1. Hellsing (both series). There wasn't a single episode where Alucard wasn't ripping through, and eviscerating some poor hapless baddie who thought he was bad ass.. Less talky, and more limbs flying all over the place.

    2. Samurai Champloo. Every episode had some action involved, and it wasn't done sloppily either. It was always well choreographed and given great attention to anatomical detail.

    3. Fist of the North Star. I don't even think this really needs an introduction. Every episode was designed with the intent and purpose for animators to draw exploding heads and bodies..

    DBZ would definitely fit the bill for overall action, but if we're going by action on an episode by episode basis, then no.

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