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Thread: Hi! Anime like bleach?

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    Default Hi! Anime like bleach?

    Hi im fairly new to the anime scene and I very much like bleach.

    I've watched kekkashi and death note and i like anime that are supernatural adventure and psychological. So can you guys reccomend me animes like that! Ill be sure to look into it

    Thanks !

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    I recommend Code Geass, one of my personal favorites. And, try for something better than bleach it's okay but not the best. I would also recommend the Anime/Manga Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is my favorite currently running manga and I've heard that the anime is very good as well.

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    Yu Yu Hakusho is very similar to Bleach.
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    Dragon, Dragon, Rock the Dragon! Dragon Ball Z!
    >.> What? everyone keeps saying Bleach is like a copy of Dragon Ball so I might as well recommend that. XD


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    D.Gray-man is a better, more interesting version of Bleach that has a very similar story~
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    Theres a few good ones (: Naruto, Hitman Reborn, D.Gray-man, Soul Eater.

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    i love Soul eater but right now im still on D.gray man!!!
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    GINTAMA! lolz...jk, the show does a lot of Bleach, One Piece & Death Note parodies from time to time though...

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