I just stumbled to see this link on facebook and luckily that this game is going to be release this coming 2011.

Features of the game:

Fruit Users
lineage ( basically bloodlines )
Marines / Pirates
Experience based for Strength and Defense / Haki.
Weapons are leveling and also a major factor of the game.
Travel and maps ( Episode based for maps )
Time system are not implemented this means no training, only battle and weapon combination strategies.

About the game:

We all know that One Piece is well known, the team has decided to make an online game basing on One Piece itself but with the futuristic twist of skipping the time 50 years after the current episode. Luffy will age about 68 this time, and changes in the world was made fruit users are shared with a single fruit.

Concepts for leveling your weapons to make massive of damage dealt to other players.
Experience based are made to make the game more fast phase game, you will be left behind if your character is inactive for couple of weeks ( this means that NEW PLAYERS has a chance to surpass every player with their smart strategies on how to strengthen their characters. )

Check their facebook guys if you ever have interest to it.