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Thread: [IC] Project: VENGE

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    "Are we almost there yet?" Asked Alexandra "You know what? Imma send a he to everyone member saying, Hi, need help?" Alexandra could suddenly feel the heat. She opened up her window, opened her transmigrator and press on the message option.

    To: All VENGE Members

    From:Alexandra Nightingale

    Subject: I don't f*****g know!

    HI! anyone need help?
    "That should do it!"

    I may fall.

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    Realizing that she said Dazzen's name wrong she then blushed slightly and then bowed apologetically, "I'm sorry, I guess I just misunderstood your name, I don't do it on purpose sometimes I hear things wrong...So, I extend my apology Dazzen...and alright then, I'll hold you to that about your story...and then I can you tell mine..." She then smiled and then heard her friend outside though. "Fuyuko..." She then grabbed the handle and then Gronan grabbed Alexiel's other hand and then she stopped in her tracks.

    "We should wait until that nurse leaves..." Gronan said, believing what Dazzen had said.

    "Well...I presume that nurses circulate all the time, they can't stay here 24/7. Don't they have lives as well?" Alexiel said, not to defend, but to make a statement. However if that nurse wasn't legit, she was worried for her friend Fuyuko.

    Morgania then kept her cool on the outside and then mentally clenched her teeth. Damn them...they were not going to make this easy for her, why would they want to protect that Elf anyway...but then she remembered, "Well Michelle the nurse earlier that was on the registry, has gone home for the day, she only works in the morning, I handle her patients in the afternoons and evenings..." she said smoothly.

    "Come on you guys, Alexiel it's Fuyuko, you could at least let me in...besides Arashi might be back soon, it will look silly if I'm standing out here, she might think that your having a fit or something..."

    As they were arguing the doctor whom performed the surgery to remove Alexiel's bullet wounds was walking by and overheard, though he was a little older he wasn't a doctor for nothing. "Oh...hello Trisha, I see that you've gotten a bit of a makeover, so what seems to be the problem?"

    "Well doctor, Ms. Hikari has some visitors and they have refused to come out, they don't believe that I am me..." 'Trisha' said.

    Then the doctor banged on the door, and said, "Ms Hikari, you need to be tested, considering your circumstances, we do not know if your healing properly...you could in fact be getting worse..."

    Then Morgania smirked, it was like the doctor wanted her to take her to Algernon.

    Alden then got to is alternative phone and then called Lloyd back and waited to expect an answer, however it automatically went to his voicemail Alden then left him this message:

    "Hello Mr. Herton, a honor to get a call from someone as esteemed as yourself. I will come get the phone from you as soon as possible, it was from a family member that works for the company. He's a bit of an airhead, and for that, I must apologize. I've heard that Mr. Horace's business was attacked and he was nearly killed, but he putting stress on the poor gent. But I'm rambling, due please return my call at this number that will be included with the voicemail and we can arrange a pickup. As always a pleasure from Alden Worthingtion Esq."

    Alden then included the cell phone number that would be sent as a text message, from an unidentified number. He then shut the phone off and then turned to Algernon, "Hopefully the he will call back Master Algernon, in the meantime, I believe news has spread like wildfire about one of your associates getting killed in VENGE HQ.

    "Yes, Morgania has done well, but the real test will be her getting the girl...once I have her...I will show her what true pain is..." he then smirked and licked his lips.


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    Diavo clenched his fist tightly as he stared up at his computer monitor. The sh*t was literally hitting the fan: VENGE HQ was in chaos and to top all of that off, he was reading power spikes in several different areas, as though unauthorized transmigration was taking place into the dimension of Auroseit.

    "This isn't good, I need someone back here now to find out what's going on," he said to himself. Diavo walked over to the back of his office, punching in a code on a small safe. "The Black Soul Gauntlets," he withdrew the pitch black weapons and equipped them to his hands. "Just in case things get ugly."

    **knock knock**

    Someone was at his door.

    "Enter," Diavo replied nonchalantly, barely looking up to see who it was. His eyes were fixed on his gauntlets, as they emanated a dark, eerie power. A young man entered the office, sneering pretentiously at Diavo.

    "Old man, I'm back," Dread walked up to Diavo, patting him on the back.

    "Dread... so good to see you. In fact, there is a job I need you to do..."

    "Hmph, no break, eh? I guess it doesn't matter, I was able to get some rest in D'Roulia before I headed back here anyway. The inn that I usually stay at was destroyed though, which is a shame. Damn burrowers."

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    Dazzen smiled and winked "I believe getting my name wrong is the least of our worries Alex" Dazzen even though his facade was calm he was was scouring his mind for a plan "what a dark presence this person has" Dazzen Idly drew one blade and spun it between his fingers. "we may need to fight our way out, if it comes to that, I might have a plan" Dazzen said eyes igniting with an inner fire. Dazzen dropped his voice low "Big man take Alexiel and Bunker up on the far side of the room, I will try to take out any who try to approach you, and try not to shoot me that is quite unpleasant. This will only work if you both trust me." Dazzen raised his voice back to normal level "but only if it comes to that, I don’t know if we can beat someone with such a presence that even I can feel it through the door…"

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    Itzal slowly walks toward the ranch and jumps over a fence. There seems to be about 32 acres of land with this ranch; there's also an empty shack. "I wonder what's in that shack, perhaps I could scrap something." Itzal thought and walked towards the shack. The shack was an old shack, rotten, stinky, brown paint like a outhouse. Itzal slowly peaked at it although it was really stinky like an old bathroom that never been cleaned. Itzal continued to search even though there's only a little to scrap from. "Damn, there's nothing of use now...wait.." Itzal moved his eyes slowly, and then he found a mountain backpack that could be in good use, and when he opened the mountain backpack. "Hah, new clothes!" Itzal thought and removed his old clothes and put the new ones. Which are a country shirt, and jeans than a country hat. "Howdy ya'll!" tried to change his identity so if anyone seems suspicious that he was Itzal. "My name will be, Bolivar Enlil (West Wind)!" said Itzal..or Bolivar.

    Hiking the High Mountain: Identity Reborn

    Bolivar removed himself from the shack, and continued to go straight to a dirt road that surrounds the forest. Suddenly, Bolivar sees a bike but it seemed to be wore out. Despite of that, Bolivar tried to ride it to see if it's any good use, and luck has it that the bike still runs. Bolivar gets ready to ride by putting the backpack he found back in the shack, and as he rode on...the wind as he closed his eyes like riding through the forest in a dirt road. So peaceful, quiet, and harmony finally settled in. Freedom at last..let Freedom ring!

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    “Sweetness. I don’t even know what the trouble is. Something about a ship. Anyway, here we are.” said Ryan.

    The lights of Seafarr Hospital along with its white exterior and big letters that spelled “Seafarr Hospital” gave it a passing grade. Inside the ER shoes and voices echoed against white tile floors and florescent lighting. Several burly, downtrodden men sat in the waiting room.

    “Uh, hi I had a question.” Ryan stepped up to the main desk. “You wouldn’t happen to be a pirate in disguise, would you?”

    The receptionist sighed. “Not everyone can work in Cyrensview. What do you need?”

    “Oh, my friend here needs some help; she’s in pretty bad shape.”

    “You’re number four. We’ll call it out.” The receptionist went back to paperwork.

    “Nothing to fill out?”

    She looked up with narrow eyes. “What do you think pirates would fill forms with?

    “Drawings of dicks and such?”

    The receptionist nodded. Ryan looked for a nametag to thank her, but found none. In the waiting room plenty of seats remained open, but Ryan had his mind on one beside a pirate. He plopped down.

    “Hi.” said Ryan.

    The pirate grunted.

    “You guys having any trouble lately?”

    “Who told ya ‘bout that?” the pirate sat up straight.

    “Don’t worry about it. Something about the Hybrid Magma Cruiser owned by VENGE.”

    “Are you one of ‘em?” the pirate leaned in close.

    Ryan leaned back. “One of what?”

    “I ain’t gonna say it! I ain’t gonna give them the pride’a havin’ their name spoke. Cowards attack in the dark when you can’t see ‘em. Run off so ya can’t do nothin’. Give you somethin’ like this” the priate lifted up his sleeve to reveal a puss filled wound.

    “Number one.”

    The pirate grunted and stood up.

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    Sitting next to Ryan "Running in the dark and all that? That as nothing to do with pirates. Otherwise that ship would probably already been destroyed. It's more of a thief nor assassin jobs in my opinion" She then took both trench knives and started cleaning them.

    I may fall.

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    Gronnan stood up. "Alexiel! Don't listen to her. Come back here now. They would have scanned you already. But your not human. Your an elf. They can't treat you like a human." Gronnan then looked at the nurse. He aimed at her. "You should leave." Gronnan said.

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    Alex continued through the file of the case. After he was done his attention turned to the screen with the pictures. Alex looked at each one carefully taking time to notice any small detail. The last one was of the hallway before entering the crime scene. There was something on floor. From what he could tell it looked like a speck off dirt on the screen. He tried to wipe it clean but it stayed where it was. "What is that?" Alex thought as he then zoomed in on the speck. It wasn't dirt the speck was wet cause it smeared on the floor. "Mud?.... no I would have seen more of it when I went into Venge." Alex thought hard about it. "Wait what if its sewage from the sewer?" He then thought of a theory. "The killer might have gotten inside through the Sewage system." He started to think of how it could be done. "They could have used one of the new cutters that came out. Sneaked into the Venge supply room, snagged a uniform and a gun. Taking a badge from a security guard and then use it to get access. The power went out so none of the cameras could have seen the killer. So under that they get away with murder and then head back the way they came in reseal the hole they cut." All he needed now was proof of his theory. Alex then started the car as he moved to the nearest sewer entrance that he could find. As he did a phone ringed. "My alias phone. Must have called me back." Alex listened to the message. Then he quickly called back. Using his British accent once more.

    "Yes that would be fine. Just tell me where and when you would like to meet and I will be there on the dot." Alex said as he finished his message. He hung up and then pulled the car over. He was at the closest entrance to the sewage system. "I need to look around the area for a clue. Going into the sewage system would be pointless, anything that could have been a clue probably got washed away already. Maybe someone saw something or the killer left a clue by mistake nearby. Alex then got out and started investigating.
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    "The Sh*t is about ot hit the fan" Dazzen thought then turned to the big guy "big man how many floors up are we? and is it possible to jump to a building across if not stright down?" just then the door bust open and Dazzen ran for the opening Blades whirling faster than the eye could follow toward the darkness that was this person "Fuyuko get down and out of the way..."

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    Morgania then sighed, if she didn't have to put up this act, she could have easily at least torn that Gronan asunder. However she was Trisha and had to act like it. She then put her hands up and with a look of fear, "Please don't hurt me, I'm just one of the nurses."

    The doctor then pushed down on the barrel to point Gronan's gun down. "Young man that weapon is completely unnecessary, and we could arrest you for possessing such a weapon in a hospital."

    Gronan than said to 'Trisha' again, "You should leave nurse..."

    Fuyuko then got to where Alexiel was and stood with her. "If Alexiel can be released early then isn't that a good thing?" Fuyuko said.

    Dazzen then pulled Fuyuko down to whisper why they think something is fishy, Fuyuko nodded and then staying near Alexiel, in case something were to happen.

    The doctor continued, "Are you all insane? We're trying to help this woman get better...it's not like we're trying to kill her..."

    Gronan then said again, with a bit more anger, "Your a HUMAN doctor, she is an ELF, you can't treat and ELF like you could a HUMAN..."

    'Trisha' then said, "Well you all don't have much of a choice, Ms. Hikari is under this hospital's care...as such we have to do everything medically possible to ensure when she leaves, she'll be healthy..."

    The doctor then threatened, "I will call security and have all of you removed and then call the police...you are interfering with us treating one of our patients..." his voice becoming escalated.

    Alexiel then said, "Doctor, isn't this all my decision on what you do and what you don't do?"

    'Trisha' then was becoming impatient with this...she wouldn't stand to be prevented from completing her job..she would get this Elf if not today, then soon...She then stood closer into the doorway and was just in front of Alexiel, staring her down with her orange eyes. Alexiel's looking into them with her purple ones, a look of confusion and they had a nice cold undertone. She would definitely give Algernon a run for her money. She then felt the end of Gronan's sniper rifle on her right temple and then glared deadly at her.

    "I am just doing my job sir..." 'Trisha' then step away and then whispered into Alexiel's ear something and then she had a look of surprise cross her face. Then Alexiel looked down slightly and then to the woman, "You wouldn't do that, you can't?"

    "In my position, I can do that and then some..." 'Trisha' grinned


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    Putting away one sword Dazzen studied the situation "ah damn we may need a little divinity, the very little I do have" Dazzen thought "at least my days on the streets taught me something." Dazzen Turned to the Doctor summoning every little whisper of divinity he had "Doctor your shift has just ended time for you to go home and thank you for signing Alexiel out of your care, you were so understanding" Dazzen's voice was sweet like honey and layered with magick. He leaned down to Fuyuko "be a good girl an run and keep your friends from this hospital for a while" not looking to see if Fuyuko had done what he had said Dazzen turned to the wanna be Nurse "Just one more thing to take care of" but he noticed the scared look on Alexiel's face as she said something "oh hell no you don't" Dazzen yelled as he spun Alexiel to the Big guy "hold on to her" and Dazzen drew his gun in his empty hand pointing it at Nurse wanna be and gathering all his remaining bravo "I tire of this game were playing we all know your not who you say you are…"

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    “Hey you.” Ryan called to the next pirate in the waiting room.

    He grunted.

    “What’s this about people attacking you guys in the dark?”

    The pirate’s eyes flared. “You leave that to us. We don’t need your help. You could be one’a ‘em”

    “Number two.”

    The pirate left with a lingering stink eye turned toward Ryan.

    “Hey you.” Ryan spoke to the last pirate.

    The pirate put his torn hat over his eyes.

    “I’ve always wondered.” Ryan leaned closer, still three seats away. “How often do you get board and just like… shove it up someone’s ass?”

    The pirate snarled.

    “Number three.”

    “Hey, they’re fast here.” Ryan turned to Alexandra. She focused on her trench knives. “You’re next.”

    “Sounds like thieves or assassins to me.” She said.

    “Yeah? Attacking in the dark and all. That makes sense.” Ryan stroked his chin.

    “Number four.”

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    Gronnan looked at the two. He turned to the doctor. "Were leaving. Weither you like it or not." Said Gronnan as he shoved past 'Trisha'. "Lets go Alexiel." Said Gronnan.

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    A strange looking pair stood up inside of the monochromatic hospital. "Scum, they are," thought one of the pirates as he stood up to intercept them.

    "Ye shouldn't ave come here, pokin' yer nose in business don't belong te you." He snarled in a throaty voice. "Now, I'll give ye three seconds before I make yer injuries that much worse, and sep'rate yer limbs from ye."

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    "First good sign I've seen in awhile," Kyriek remarked

    Xavier nodded his head in approval as the two Venge members continued walking through the forest. I just hope we don't run into anymore of those Divine user guys, Xavier thought. Although the sky was clear again, and the forest was alive with vitality, Xavier's eyes stayed keen on his surroundings. Every noise and movement made him tense up a little, seeing as his adrenaline had yet to die down from the battle with the Diviner. Suddenly, Xavier’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of radiant-like ringing in the air. There was an enchanted item somewhere within the vicinity, and Xavier hoped it was the tablet they were looking for. Kyriek, noticing the sound as well, perked his head to the left trying to get a clear focus on the direction of the sound.

    “It sounds like it’s a little to the north of us.” Kyriek stated. “I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but I’m puzzled by the fact that I can’t feel any Divine power from it even though it’s supposed to let us use Water divinity to breathe underwater.” Kyriek turned his head left to right, surveying his surroundings. “I don’t feel any other presence so let’s hope it’s unguarded.”

    “I hope so, too.” Xavier agreed, crossing his arms across his chest. “I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering from that stupid Divine user that attacked us earlier.” Scratching his head, Xavier looked toward the north before turning his eyes back on Kyriek. “Make sure you keep your eyes peeled. I know you haven’t recovered either from you rib injury, so we both are sitting ducks if we get ambushed again.”

    “I know.” Kyriek responded. “I’ll be feeling out for any Divinity in the area. You keep your eyes on lookout for whatevas emitting that radiance. I have a good feeling it’s what we are looking for.”

    Nodding his approval, Xavier takes the lead out front with Kyriek following close behind. As both members continued walking toward the north, the radiant sound started to grow louder and louder till the pitch almost hurt Xavier, and Kyriek’s ears. Both members winced a little bit as they continued walking towards the north. A few paces in front, Xavier noticed a yellow glow in the bushes that seemed to pulse with the high pitched sounds of the radiant noise. Looking back at Kyriek, Xavier points toward the glow, and Kyriek gives back quick nod of acknowledgement, letting him know to continue cautiously.

    Cautiously moving forward, Xavier approaches the bushes covering the pulsing yellow glow, and takes in a deep breath of air. Neither Venge member knew if this was the item they sought out, or if this was a calculated trap. Was it relic that could be useful? Is it protected? So many questions enveloped Xavier’s mind, and for a moment he was hesitant to even move any further. Here goes nothing. Xavier thought nervously. Reaching forward slowly and cautiously, Xavier opens the bushes covering the radiant object….
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    Dazzen watched the big man take Alexielout the door "Stay put" Dazzen said to the false nurse and walked around her, gun never wavering from her "good girl, later" Dazzen then turned and walked after the other two "He must really have trouble hiding in a crowd, or he's not trying" Dazzen thought as he spotted them and moved to catch up. "Hey I don't think I caught you name so we will star again I'm Dazzen Rein" Dazzen said as he matched their speed. "and we either alienated that nurse or we saved Alexiel's life. So nice to meet you" Dazzen said with a slightly sarcastic smile. "by the way you wouldn't happen to be heading to VENGE HQ would you I really don't feel like walking all the way across town…"

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    As she saw the pirate, she knew it was just some little wanna be thug who didn't know who he was talking too " Listen jackass, you sure don't know what live inside of me. I can neither slit your throat or you can walk back home in one piece Lapdog." She then passed beside him while spitting on is face. She turned around and said " And you Ryan, stop asking questios like these around, unless you wan't to die, do it somewhere else" she then went to the room for her fix up

    I may fall.

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    Light shone fiercely as Xavier uncovered what appeared to be a small stone tablet from beneath an entanglement of bushes. The tablet radiated with a divine aura, but that aura soon disappeared when Xavier touched it. The light faded, and the tablet appeared to be just like any other ordinary stone.

    "Wow, I feel jipped, man," Kyriek said aloud as he strode over to Xavier's side, taking a look at the stone tablet. "Is that it, then?" He reached out to take hold of the relic, but, upon his touch, the stone began to glow again, emanating a light not unlike the original. Kyriek felt a fluid warmth through his fingertips, flowing up through his hands and arms before it circulated out to the rest of his body.

    "So, did it work, then?" Inquired Xavier, who had not noticed anything of much significance after touching the tablet himself.

    "There's only one way to find out," Kyriek replied anxiously, turning around to the face the direction that they had just come from.

    "You mean, go back? Should we leave the tablet here, then?"

    "Eh, couldn't hurt, I suppose." responded Kyriek. "I mean, I guess it will suck if it didn't work, cuz then we will have to backtrack all this way. But the previous discoverers of the tablet were kind enough to leave it relatively unhidden, so I think that we should pay it forward and do the same. Besides, I think that Marin would want it that way." The two VENGE agents began walking back in the direction they came frome, towards the vast ocean of Marindepths.

    "Ye done messed up if ye think that I will fall fer yer antics," the pirate replied to the young girl, who was clearly injured. He followed her back to the office door taunting her, but she and the man entered in before he could do anything, and he was left scowling outside. He began speaking to himself, but neither the girl nor the young man could hear him through the thick door of the doctor's office. "Vilgath will hear of this, I assure ye," the pirate remarked under his breath.

    As Itzal rode onwards, a dark, red mist appeared before him, unlike anything he had ever seen before. Through the shadows, a dark sillhouette appeared and began to slowly walk out before him.

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    The walk back to the Marindepths Ocean seemed much quicker than the walk from it, as the Venge members cleared the forest. Although the forest was a beautiful scene to pass through, Xavier was relieved to finally be back to the sandy beaches of the Marindepth Ocean. With a big smile, He surveyed the ever-flowing waters of the sky blue ocean. Quickly, Xavier's smile became a sad frown, as he realized Sinclair was not around. Damnit. Xavier sadly thought to himself.

    "You miss her already?" Kyriek interrupted with his face showing a huge grin. "Don't tell me you’re in love already? "

    "You're too funny." Xavier sarcastically answered. "Don't you need to test out water breathing technique?

    Kyriek's facial expression quickly changed from a huge grin to a look of disgust at Xavier's question. He had almost forgotten about that, although it was the reason he was here in the first place.

    "Yeah, I guess." Kyriek sighed. With a steady pace Kyriek walked to the edge of pier holding the inscribed tablet. Looking down into the almost crystal clear water, Kyriek found himself very hesitant about jumping in. Well here goes nothing, Kyriek nervously thought. With a small jump forward, Kyriek dives feet first into the ocean......

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    The crisp, clear water inundated Kyriek as his body broke the surface and submerged into the cool waters of the Marindepths. His eyes twitched as he winced in pain, the wound on his ribs was still fresh, and blood oozed into the water. Kyriek let out a gasp and allowed liquid to flow freely into his mouth as he attempted to breathe in. Sure enough, he wasn't drowning. On the contrary, he didn't find it problematic at all that his lungs were now full of water, and it flowed in and out of his body as if it had always done so.

    "Holy sh*t," he thought to himself, swimming cautiously just beneath the surface. "I guess that's it then, it works. Now to get back to VENGE, I suppose. I have to wonder what the purpose of all of this was though..."

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    'Trisha' then mentally growled as Alexiel was getting away with Gronan...Fuyuko following in tow, to protect her friend. Then the doctor nodded, and then walked off, heading to his office to take care of the paperwork. Then 'Trisha' said, "Well Dazzen, I am Trisha...even if you don't believe me, and your divinity may work on the weak of heart, but it won't work on me...I will continue my rounds, if you leave now...then I will forget that you were even here."

    Dazzen had a look of that said, 'Look, I already know you are not who you claim you are, just give up.'

    "Alright fine, I will leave, besides, other patients need my help. You are a terrible person." 'Trisha' then walked out of the room and then she walked out of the room and then a look of rage crossed her face, 'How the F-ing hell could they tell I wasn't the nurse? This just got more interesting though...however they have not seen the last of Morgania LaRouge, I always get what I am after. I will just have to get better in my Illusion divinity...seems that one, Dazzen already knows some of it...lucky I'm mostly immune to that kind of magic.'

    When she was out of anyone sights, she disappeared and then got her spare clothes and removes the eye contacts, and puts her shades back on. "Don't worry Ms. Hikari...I will still win...no matter what happens."

    Morgania then she walked down the stairs and went to her bike, taking the back way out of Sacred Crosses, She went to go re-think her way of getting Alexiel. Speeding off into the distance.

    Alexiel was walking with Gronan and when they were a safe distance away, "Am I the only one thinks this is completely weird?"

    Gronan then shook his head, "No, but you should be careful from now on, I know...We should go to VENGE HQ, we can enlist you their, and you can get a Transmigrator...this way all VENGE agents can stay in contact with you."

    Fuyuko then nodded, "That would be cool, but Sis says that I can't join, because she was already within VENGE's Ranks and She was Ranked 'S' along with Ashcroft. She always knows I hate being in her shadow. She is so caring sometimes...when not being an Ice Queen..."

    Alexiel then giggled, "Are you sure Fuyuko? sometimes you and Lady Arashi always seem to get into more fights then anyone?"

    Fuyuko puffed up her cheeks, "That's because she's older than me...besides...since your one of us...your technically the youngest of us...Sister..." Fuyuko then hugged Alexiel.

    Gronan had the expression across of his face, 'Sometimes I wonder about you Fuyuko...a little to quirky...'

    Alexiel then said, "What about Dazzen? shouldn't we check to make sure that he's alright?"

    Gronan then said, "He seems like he can take care of himself...anyway We should head back to VENGE HQ, You can meet Diavo and he should recruit you into the ranks"

    Alexiel nodded, then remembering Itzal...she wondered if he was going to be alright...he seemed like her...completely alone in the world without someone similar to him. She hoped that they would meet again, they seem like they would have a lot to talk about. Then Alexiel nodded. "Your right Gronan...I do want to finally join VENGE...."

    Fuyuko then said happily, "I've got your back Alexiel...even if I don't join VENGE..."


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    Dazzen Strolled into VENGE HQ "Hey you can't just walk in here, this is private property" called a guard, the uniform making him stick out from the crowd.
    Dazzen looked at him and grinned "sure I can, just watch me"
    The guard reached from a stun baton, it coming to life with a high pitched whine "I don’t think that you can, only VENGE personnel can enter, and they would know about the security check points" he growled.
    Dazzen laughed his amusement becoming obvious "and who do you think I am" Dazzen said raising his hand with the Transmigrator on the wrist "and I'm in quite a hurry to meet Diavo"
    The guard paled "I apologise sir, sorry for the delay"
    Dazzen walked on, through the twisting labyrinth that was VENGE HQ. stopping momentarily at Diavo's door, then walked right in. of course Diavo was expecting him "It's no fun if I can't surprise you" Dazzen said to Diavo, mouth momentarily turning into a frown.
    Diavo gave Dazzen a level look "you could never surprise me."
    "what if I said I saw a walking skeleton today" Dazzen asked, smile returning.
    "not in the slightest, but away with the triviality's this is about your mission…"
    "Not even the skeleton man thing surprised you?" Dazzen interrupted
    "I said stop with the triviality's" Diavo growled "your mission is to investigate recent power spikes that we believe that are caused by unauthorised Transmigration, which left unattended can damage the barriers keeping the Dimensions apart."
    "What would happen if the barriers were damaged?" Dazzen asked
    "They could collapse"
    "What would happen if they collapsed?"
    "The dimensions would collide"
    "And I assume that would be bad" Dazzen concluded with a grin.
    Diavo Sighed " Yes it would be, you may need to seek help from fellow operative's to complete this mission, now time for you to leave"
    "Oh yeah the skeleton guy I mentioned earlier I'm pretty sure he was a cause of at least one of those spikes, Surprised yet?" Dazzen said smugly.
    "A little" Diavo said smoothly "anything more to report?"
    "Yep, a girl will turn up soon, Alexiel accompanied by one of ours in a mask" Dazzen said "and when I was with them, we were confronted by a strange person with a black aura, Dressed as a nurse I'm not sure if it was her personal taste or convenience"
    Diavo rolled his eyes "you are Dismissed"
    Dazzen walked out the door, back into the maze of hallways...

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    As Alexandra entered the room with Ryan, she saw a nurse, very young nurse. She looked like in the mid 20 with long pink hairs and she was a small woman.

    ''Listen i don't have all day so le... Oh my god, how did you get these scars? Asked the nurse''

    Looking at her scars, Alexandra realised they had gotten worst, they turned white with a deep cut. Her left shoulder was badly bleeding, her blue blood was hotter then usual. Every scars from the last battle were hot as magma as she touched them.

    ''I don't know, some mysterious creatures attacked me in the forest. I never seen them before, and there wasn't only one in there. Comfirmed Alexandra.

    -O..Ok, lets get this done and patch up. I would ask you to leave kind sir, asked the nurse''

    I may fall.

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    Dazzen was sitting in the main foyer of VENGE HQ drinking a hot cup of burnt coffee and watching people come in and out "This coffee is terrible." Dazzen muttered "they really need to fix that" he watched as people came in and out"so many different people, probably easy to infiltrate, if you know what your doing." Dazzen continued to think "I'm assuming that it is stolen VENGE tech being used to cross dimensions out side of VENGE" Dazzen frowns "I guess its not a stretch to say that over all the dimensions there could be another group to invent similar tech." Using the Transmigrator Dazzen brought up a map and the location of the spikes in Transmigratory energy "many spikes In VENGE of course, but other spikes spotted around the city "I wonder" Dazzen thought cross referencing the map with the map of known ley lines "nope no luck, its not magick based, although the spike areas are all in areas where there is large amount of electromagnetic wave production which could weaken the Barriers enough to allow a weaker kind of Transmigration to be allowed." Dazzen sighed "it’s a theory, but not based on any proof, this is harder than it should be…"

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