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    Post Most annoying songs you ever heard

    For me it rebecca black it's friday
    and that song i'm sexy and i know it.
    so what the song that most annoying to you or that you hate the most?

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    Niki Minaj - Stupid Hoe she made a sh*tty song dedicated to bashing her competition Niki you really are a stupid hoe.

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    This is the song that never ends. Yes it goes on and on, my friend. Somebody - started singin' it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever just because this is the song that.....

    sigh...damn you Lambchops. I didn't even like that show, and now I'm going to think of that song trying to fall asleep.

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    That Nyan Cat bullsh*t...people test themselves as to how long they can go...i went about 15 seconds...
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    Now I am become BlackTemplar, the destroyer of worlds.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oh Snap. View Post
    I had a pizza slice yesterday that had so much oil on it, I was half expecting BT and Volk to kick in the door and try and invade it.
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    i hate this.
    hope you hate it to.
    PS: i also hate this and this*.

    *i was not trying to rickroll you, but i just hate the song.

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    I hate all the stuff from Blood on the Dancefloor

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    Quote Originally Posted by xMiroku View Post
    I hate all the stuff from Blood on the Dancefloor
    i agree with you i cant stand blood on the dancefloor

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    Don't we have this thread already --> http://www.anime-forums.com/showthre...er-Listened-To

    The answer is still Crystal Waters - Gypsy woman

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    In the Ayer - Flo-Rida

    SERIOUSLY, can you, you know....SAY AIR RIGHT?
    This song made me want to punch babies when I heard it for the first time. I still want to punch babies when I hear it.

    Crank Dat - Soulja Boy

    Not only only does have the STUPIDEST dance ever, all I hear is YOOOOOU! YOOOOOU! YOOOOU!
    No seriously, stop it.

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    And on the drawing was the name I took...
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    Check out the aforementioned "Worst Songs Thread".

    The search function is your friend everyone.

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