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A reboot/retelling of the original Pokemon game, featuring Red and Green as the protagonist and rival. Much grittier and truer to the Pokemon manga Adventures in tone and direction.

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    Default What Anime OST is your Favorite?

    There are Hundreds of anime that have great OST's and some are better than others. I just wanted to find out what everyone elses thoughts of the best (it may not have to be the best) anime OST there is out there. If you have any good anime ost that you can suggest, please do!

    Personally my fav. one has to the the 'School days OST', whats yours?
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    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OST is my favorite. Yoko Kanno is greatness.
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    Although the quality was all over the place with most components of Naruto, ranging from some of the worst to some of the best, the soundtrack by Toshio Masuda is amazing. I don't really have anything negative to say about it, which is more then I can say for the animation quality and writing. The sound overall blend great with the visual design and setting for one, with flutes, traditional Japanese string instruments and vocal chants being common components. There is also a great range of variation for different mood tracks, like sadness, excitement, fear and happiness. And I know what your thinking "but thats standard for all soundtracks, duh!" Well, not when most soundtracks have all the music recorded by the same orchestra that use the same instruments for each music track. Here you have upbeat and powerfully rock for the fighting, sad piano tunes and almost ambient or simple mystery tracks all on the same soundtrack. I really like how the composer tried something different, wanted the music to be traditional and modern when it needed to be, and just pulled of different genres and styles like this. Its a bit sad that Shippuden used a different composer that tried something similar and didn't do nearly as well.

    I'm also fond of the Full Metal Panic soundtracks by Toshihiko Sahashi. Especially the action music that felt very in key with the action in the show, focusing more on tactics and a slower pace, which was greatly reflected in the music. The usage of trumpets was also a stroke of genius there. Just listen below.
    Toshihiko Sahashi also made the soundtrack for Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny, which is the better part of those series that are mediocre and a train wreck respectively.

    I could also mention Super Robot Wars: OG The Insector... but they lifted all the character themes straight from the game the anime is based on so thats not really fair. And the same could be said for Persona 4.

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    the OST from bakemonogatari is my favorite. have all of it on my ipod
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    Quote Originally Posted by reXos View Post
    Shouldn't this be in here?
    ...guess I was wrong?

    anyway, Fairy tail's ost and FMA:Brotherhood's ost are the best.
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    Guilty Crown's OST has amazed me, particularly the tracks with lyrics.
    But my favorite OST of all time?




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    Quote Originally Posted by Agamus View Post
    There are Hundreds of anime that have great OST's and some are better than others. I just wanted to find out what everyone elses thoughts of the best (it may not have to be the best) anime OST there is out there. If you have any good anime ost that you can suggest, please do!
    Personally my fav. one has to the the 'School days OST', whats yours?
    huaa school days OST! I love the OST of the visual Novel tho, my #1 of all time is the soundtrack for -anataga inai- you are not here, not here with me. the melody of the opening when sekai was in tears on the train after congratulating makoto having his fist girlfriend, kotonoha. my number one song i sung in bathroom! WOOT

    I checked the anime, it is in ep 09 ED huh, after bonfire. it was in the OP for the visual novel ><

    -still i love you- also kinda click, paper heart~, plastic lies~. there was time when i was wondering whether they are proper English jargon, sort of stalker-ish lyrics LOL the song for depicting how sekai felt when she saw makoto and kotonoha get along

    anime version it is in ep 12 ED. ha! i guess the soundtrack for anime and visual novel may be the same afterall.

    but yeah, the lyrics for most has broken heart theme.
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    I loved the Death Note OST
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    Needless has a wonderful of pumped up metal tracks so it definitely ranks among my favourites.
    Death Note has a diverse range of songs, all of which frankly rule.
    The Bleach OSTs are great. Well some are outstanding and some are bland kind of ****ty.

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    Oh gosh, I have so many. Um, if I had to pick one as my favorite I guess it would be the entire Cowboy Bebop OST. The music is just so amazing in that Anime, I think that it's one of the main reasons that the Anime is so popular. The music tells the story in a sense, so when there's no vocal acting, the music takes over, and does an amazing job at it too!

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    Pretty much everything done by Taku Iwasaki. He did couple of my favorite OSTS like the Soul Eater OST, Yakitate Japan!! OST, Kuro****suji OST, Gurren Lagann OST and my most favorite one the Katanagatari OST. just love that guy. I cant simply choose one OST Track there are many awesome ones.

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    The .hack//Roots OST. It is beautiful.
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    As far as an OST that really created the mood for the anime, and every song fit perfectly --> The Pillows music, created for the anime FLCL.

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    This is a toughie. I'm absolutely in love with Guilty Crown's OP My Dearest by Supercell, but before that, I liked Angel Beats!'s OP My Soul, Your Beats!. I always thought FMA had great OPs, too.

    But I don't exactly have a favorite OP. I have favorite EDs. And those are Bakemonogatari's ED Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari also by Supercell, and Mahou Madoka's ED Magia by Kalafina.

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    Well I really enjoyed deadman wondelrand ost such as this! lol

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    Hmm this sooo tough.

    I would say, the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack
    then the Trigun Soundtrack,
    then the Baccano! Soundtrack and the list goes on.

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    The first time I heard the OP my dearest (guilty crown), the start sounded high pitched and I thought I couldn't possibly get into it. As expected, I was wrong, and i'm listening to it right now because I just finished the most recent ep (1 and feel sentimental.

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    Honestly anything scored by Susumu Hirasawa is absolute gold for me


    I'd say the Berserk soundtrack is a particular standout

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    I'm gonna have to add the Shakugan no Shana and Gunslinger Girl soundtracks. Both are stunningly beautiful in their own ways.

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    There are a number of very good OST’s but for me the bleach – number one sound track stands firmly at the top.

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    I've had a few favorites and they come and go. Currently an OST as a whole I would have to say Ao No Exorcist for sure. There's so much diversity. It's great to do dishes, clean your room, or just lie around and relax to. There's so many different blends and influences to the music. My particular favorite being this,


    I'm also in love with the quirky and sweet sounding Mawaru Penguindrum OST. I'm not sure what to say about it but, the OP's and ED's are so silky smooth and the music in the series range from goofy to serious and beautiful.

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    Most Original and beautiful OST i have ever herd:
    Le Portrait de Petit Cossette


    lso, this movie is just... awsome#!@ : )

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    Princess Mononke... seriously, Joe Hisaishi's work is just... wow.

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