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    Post HI. I was told to make a introduction.

    I'm new here and I just wanted to find a place where I could talk with others that like anime/manga. At my school there are not many who share my love of manga/anime. A few things about me: I love video games(fighting, shooting, rpg, etc) I also like to cosplay. I have only been cosplaying once and I went as Lambo 15 year and I loved it. I havent done any other cosplay but there is a con near comming up so for my birthday I hope to get my cosplay done for Saiko from the anime/manga bakuman. I really just want to make more friends so feel free to talk to me.

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    Welcome to the ray of sunshine that is a4.

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    welcome to A4 and your home for anime/manga friends

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    Welcome to A4! If you have any questions or just wanna talk, send me a message. ^_^

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    Smile oh!

    Thank you! you responded so quickly. I know this is a great place for me.

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    I like action games and I enjoy Samurai Champloo.

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    Welcome to A4~hope you enjoy your stay here^^

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    Welcome to A4! No need to worrie here we all love manga and anime! Glad to have you
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    Eri Ninamori: Sony brand?

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    Welcome. I love Bakuman, the latest chapter was pretty good leading up to the potential

    Good to have you here.

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    Welcome to A4! :3
    Anime is so flipping awesome.
    Join that forum and I will love you.

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