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    Default hello again. I would like some help choosing my next manga to read.

    So I am stuck on choosing somenthing good to watch or read. I like both Action/shonen and romance manga. Please suggest some good things for me to read or watch.I hope I posted in the right place.

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    You should read Claduine. It's only one book but its quite sad.


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    Hmm I'm gona say clannad for a more romantice comedy. And sands of destruction. For a adventure comedy. Those are both really good shows
    Eri Ninamori: Why is that thing eating? What is it anyway?
    Kamon Nandaba: That's just our TV.
    [Canti gets up]
    Eri Ninamori: Why is it walking?
    Kamon Nandaba: Well, uh, it must be a TV-Walkman.
    Eri Ninamori: Sony brand?

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    Watch-Kaichou wa maid-Sama!

    Read-The lucifer and bisciut hammer.


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    If you haven't read it yet you might like "Love Hina".

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    i will go cult and recommend 'love so life'! w00t utopia tag! minimum conflict, romance progression is slow, as bonus you may learn a thing or two on handling young children.

    next on list, i just read the latest chapter so still fresh on my mind 'break blade' mecha action with minimum romance.. or so i thought, but what the hell with ch 55 ~.~ now i am getting jumpy waiting for ch 56 to get released ~.~ what a pain.

    Hiruma Yoichi, Eyeshield21. Manga, Volume 37 (last).

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