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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Gets 1st New TV Anime in 18 Years in July. The story of the anime is set a few years after the defeat of Majin Buu, when the Earth has become peaceful once again.


The story begins with Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is quietly shut down one day. However, the protagonist Momonga decides to not log out.


In the city of Ergastulum, a shady ville filled with mad menand petty thieves, whores on the make and cops on the take, there are some deeds too dirty for even its jaded inhabitants to touch.


A half a year after the events of the first season, Ikebukuro has begun to return to normal. High school is in session, Izaya is back to scheming, and Celty, the legendary headless rider, is still chased by the police as she rides through the town.

Classroom Crisis

A romantic comedy set in a near-futuristic world about the troubles and tribulations of high schoolers on salary.

Content Spotlight: Original piano composition

A piano composition named "Shooting Stars" made by the talented Alca.

Content Spotlight: Anime review

Kerberos reviews Witch Hunter Robin.

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    Default hello again. I would like some help choosing my next manga to read.

    So I am stuck on choosing somenthing good to watch or read. I like both Action/shonen and romance manga. Please suggest some good things for me to read or watch.I hope I posted in the right place.

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    You should read Claduine. It's only one book but its quite sad.


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    Hmm I'm gona say clannad for a more romantice comedy. And sands of destruction. For a adventure comedy. Those are both really good shows
    Eri Ninamori: Why is that thing eating? What is it anyway?
    Kamon Nandaba: That's just our TV.
    [Canti gets up]
    Eri Ninamori: Why is it walking?
    Kamon Nandaba: Well, uh, it must be a TV-Walkman.
    Eri Ninamori: Sony brand?

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    Watch-Kaichou wa maid-Sama!

    Read-The lucifer and bisciut hammer.


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    If you haven't read it yet you might like "Love Hina".

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    i will go cult and recommend 'love so life'! w00t utopia tag! minimum conflict, romance progression is slow, as bonus you may learn a thing or two on handling young children.

    next on list, i just read the latest chapter so still fresh on my mind 'break blade' mecha action with minimum romance.. or so i thought, but what the hell with ch 55 ~.~ now i am getting jumpy waiting for ch 56 to get released ~.~ what a pain.

    Hiruma Yoichi, Eyeshield21. Manga, Volume 37 (last).

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