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Thread: Naruto 575

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    Default Naruto 575

    I am immensely relieved we still get to see the Kages and Madara fight. I knew he'd have the face on his chest >3>
    And then that ending panel, holy moley. Stuff's looking intense for next week.



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    Amazing ways to power up, amazingly looking stupid when kishi announce orochimaru as Einstein.


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    ^ ?

    Nice chapter. Madara, changing the landscape, multiple times. We start with a bunch of rocky pillars, then Madara drops meteors and creates a baron wasteland, then he uses wood element to make a vast forest centered around the meteor. This is epic.

    Also, finally get to see dust element being as powerful as it should be, considering its hype and that it is a three nature transformation.
    I'm all about meeting friends and love Naruto!

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    Which of the kages do you think has the best chance of dying in the next few chapters?

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    ^ Considering these battles all feel like they could culminate in the end of the series... could be anyone. Although it seems fairly obvious Oonoki is going to bite it first, maybe just from sheer exhaustion.

    Madara going from rocks --> wasteland --> forest --> coal field -->?. Maybe something will happen where he makes diamonds or whatever, and Oonoki will use some last ditch ston/dust technique to encase Madara in diamond, thus effectively sealing him? Dunno. Just had an image of when Demon eyes Kyo's body was encased in ice or something, and Madara kinda looks like Demon Eyes Kyo, hah.

    Overall a good chapter, lots of set ups for future chapters, and nice foreshadowing at the end there. Although it almost looked like Itachi was going to bypass Sasuke althogether, so maybe Kabuto is his real goal, and he will leave Sasuke to Naruto.

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    Oonoki and Tsunade are the Kages who'll die, if any.
    Oonoki because it's so bloody obvious and Tsunade because she's their white mage.
    As for the Uchiha reunion, no idea what'll happen. Like really.



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    I have two things that i don't understand this chapter. first merging with first hokage thing, its clear orochimaru found this jutsu or whatever, so why didn't he used in on himself before fighting sasuke. 2. how can a mare pawn like kubuto or whatever can develop edo tensei to that point. and again why orochimaru didn't use it when he only asked a pair of sharingan eyes. And even for orochimaru to gain that kind of jutsu own by himself doesn't make sense. Its clear edo tensei is enough to win all wars and makes you a clear king with only itself alone.

    its tsunade will die in this war and naruto to become hokage.


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    I don't think anyone is going to die.

    You know these shonen manga and having Good guys die right?

    That old guy is perfectly fine and if he does die than it will be a major surprise to me.
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    Im not into manga but as of i watched the animated series i think yondaime is the one who only did a such powerful damage to madara. But as of now that naruto has taken the power of the nine tails though he needs to practice a little more.

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