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Valvrave the Liberator Season 2

The second season of laser space vampire high schoolers piloting suicidal mechs against space-nazis and space-USA.

Kill la Kill

Ryuko is searching for her father's murderer, her only clue half of a pair of giant scissors. She transfers into Honnoji Academy, a dystopian high school ruled by the student council who possess Goku Uniforms; uniforms imbued with super powers.

Pokemon Origin

A reboot/retelling of the original Pokemon game, featuring Red and Green as the protagonist and rival. Much grittier and truer to the Pokemon manga Adventures in tone and direction.

Kyoukai no Kanata

A pair of high schoolers, a half youmu boy and a girl who can wield blood magic, wind up involved in super natural events occurring in their town.

Hajime no Ippo Rising

Long awaited new season of the well-known anime and manga, about a young boxer named Ippo rising up through Japan's ranks, as he aims for a match against his rival, Miyata.

Space Dandy

The Dandiest Man in Space, Dandy, is an alien hunter searching for undiscovered species with his robot assistant QT and a cat alien named Meow.


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    Thumbs down Things Happening. And other things

    So. today and a lot of previous days have been crap..
    my school was having some random event that so many random people i don't know everywhere. that was annoying
    and on top of that to much drama on Facebook. i hate that freaking site so i deleted the whole thing today
    and I've had a bad streak of luck lately.

    1- i lost my bamboo tablet but for some reason i still had my pen in my bag!?
    2- i started to kind of lose control of my car one day
    3- i didn't sleep but for 5 hours in 2 days due to homework stress
    4- the brain dead mind of art block i cant seem to get any inspiration in the last days
    5- my friends seem to have abandoned me
    the last days have sucked.....
    Guy: "All of that hates going to burn you up kid...."

    Guy 2: "Keeps me warm."

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    Protons Electrons Always Cause Explosions
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    Yeah . . . This should probably go into your blog >.>.

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    Cinnamon and sugary, and softly spoken lies
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    I agree, feel free to repost in the blog section, but there is no discussion value in this, so I am closing it.

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