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These 2 character kind of seemed like rivals to Ichigo, or maybe parrallels, if you will. As a Ginjou fan, I always felt he was cheated when he got killed. He didn't seem like a pure evil character deservig of death, like Grimjow, Szayel, Mayuri, Barragan, Ulquiorra, ect.

Now, most, and I mean, MOST, people always bring up how Ginjou deserved to die for everything he did to Ichigo's friends, and that's why Ichigo killed him. For his friends. But, I find that flawed. What did he really do, aside from cutting Ishida? Ichigo;s friend were all healthy and happy, their memories were just jumbled. It's no different than amnesia, or Rukia using that memory replacement on Tatsuki, orihime, and Ichigo's sisters. Grimmjow did much MUCH more to Ichigo, and his friends, than Ginjou did, or intended to.

My questions,
*Why spare someone like Grimmjow, who's shown to be a complete psycho, but kill Ginjou?

*And, looking at the 2 characters, who was the more evil one, deserving of death?

Kubo, the author, stated Grimmjow may be back, as an ally.
So, I felt ticked on that, as if anyone deserved to die, it'd be him.