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    Default Sword art online season 3?

    So, I'm sure there are some Sword art online fans here (I hope). I created this thread because I only discovered the light novels of Sword art online (and there is way more content than in the anime) recently; and this gets me really hyped up for a 3rd season revolved around a game known as "Gun Gale Online". I'm really excited for this because:

    a) SAO was really popular so the blu-ray sales might do really well.
    b) I liked the second season, but the whole fairies thing was dissapointing.
    c) Gun Gale Online takes place in a sci-fi world, and I feel like in a game such as SAO; sci-fi fits well.

    Anyways, do you think they're going to make a 3rd season? Why? Do you want them to make a 3rd season, or do you think they should leave it where it is?

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    You have posted quite a number of threads, haven't you?

    Anyway, I'll welcome a 3rd season (2nd season technically) with open hands. They still have materials that could be turned into anime. But if it turns out to be no more continuation, that's also fine.

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    Not a big fan of SAO , when i finished watching it i liked it but when i read everywhere SAO,SAO, SAO best anime... its so annoying so im starting hating it a little. Well we know it ended open and i think Season 2 will be since i heard the profit from the anime was huge.

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    I don't think they have any intention of making an anime for Gun Gale Online right now, but I hope they do.
    I was curious about the same thing after I finished SAO. With the popularity of it, there is a possibility they will do it though.

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    Its a great anime, i loved it, but i wouldn't say its the best.

    I would love another season for SAO, looking forward to it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrexzKrisNA View Post
    Its a great anime, i loved it, but i wouldn't say its the best.

    I would love another season for SAO, looking forward to it!
    For me, its not the best but its definitely in my top 5.

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    SAO season's one and two were great, I would love to see season three popping up because it's a good series and they can make a lot of dough off of it so why not. I say they should.

    And I wouldn't rank SAO as one of the top animes. In my list it's like in top 10 but not quite in the top five region.
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    Oh Lordy no season three please. I get that they were rushed for "season two" but they still skipped so much character development! On the plus side that means more Asuna. GGO isn't really a sci-fi arc, but more of a FPS arc. The original season of SAO was based in a world with no magic and semi developed technology so it'd be interesting at the very least to watch. Of course Kazuto basically godmodes through GGO, but I've said too much.

  11. 07-10-13, 08:37 PM

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    I don't think they are going to make it and I like that just how it is.Why make a 3rd season when they had a great happy ending?

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    I think you mean season 2 lol, well anyway.

    There maybe a season 2 considering how popular it seems to be, but I rather there not be one. Reason why, is because I first watched it when sounded like something like Dot Hack with all the players being trapped in a MMO, and needing to survive, and defeat the final boss to escape. I was pleased with what I seen up until episode 14. Reason why is because of Kirito's stupidity and pulling off a bs victory, I really wanted him to win fairly, but then after that it just continued down hill from there (episode 15 was alright though). It's fine where it ended too.

    As for my over all opinion of SAO? It was alright, if they had stuck with part 1's story, and not rushed through it, it would have been great. But part 2 dragged it down in my opinon, especially since the sense of urgency seemed to vanish not long after part 2 started.

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    hoping for Season 2 . . or maybe they will make a new anime Like SAO . . it was a great anime, game and anime in one . amazing .

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    I agree with most of the users already here. I wouldn't protest a new season of Sword Art Online, but I like where they ended the anime already. It might work if they had new characters, but I don't want them to ruin the series for me by forcing it.

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    Season 3 would be fine for me.. but I feel like there are other anime's that deserve a new season more desperately then SAO.

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    I watched the first episode of sword art online and it was ok. People would probobly he against a third season because everybody hated on the second season and fans wouldn't want to have they're series ruined anymore than it allready was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KING KAIJU View Post
    I watched the first episode of sword art online and it was ok. People would probobly he against a third season because everybody hated on the second season and fans wouldn't want to have they're series ruined anymore than it allready was.
    The third season is not anime - at least not yet - but can be read as a manga online at http://mangafox.me/manga/sword_art_online_girls_ops/

    The first chapter was released today. Follow the manga so that the series can be supported.

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    Being that Sword Art online is currently my number 1. Absolutely would love a second season

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    SAO doesn't deserve a new season. Sure the first half of SAO was good but after the second "season" started it got very boring and drawn out. They should have just stopped it after the first game and then thought out the second season more appropriately.

    I'm tired of seeing Kirito's and Asuna's boring relationship.

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    I'm not sure why they made a season 2 of it. Is there a lot more story the anime didn't cover after the point season 2 ended? I would hope not. Season 1 and 2 seemed rushed already.

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    There are. It's based on a series of light novels with at least three more seasons worth of content available. Season 3 would likely be Phantom Bullet based on the Gun Gale Online (GGO) arc, which takes place in sort of a post-apocalyptic MMOFPS sort of game. It's a hell of a lot better than the second season, but has it's own, unique flaws.

    After that there's still UnderWorld which could easily be 2+ seasons worth of content, Mother's Rosario based back in Aincrad and the best arc in my opinion since it's primarily focused on Asuna having her own little adventure, and some side story stuff that could be turned into OVAs probably.

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    Sword Art Online is #3 so far for me, and I wouldn't mind a third season, but I would prefer a continuation of SAO. Kirito and Asuna's relationship was rushed throughout Season 1, and you can't really build an amazing relationship after 10 episodes. Alfheim Online was disappointing because I felt barely character development and how Asuna was practically helpless. The upside to Season 2 was that we saw Kirito(or Kazuto) go to the hospital where Asuna was, and once she recovered, went to school together and had a nice relationship. Still, a season based on either SAO or a real-world relationship would be satisfactory(since I'm into romance anime that has more of a slice of life feel to it (SAO is an exception though)).

    In short, I approve of a Season 3 of whatever it is they choose to make, as long as the character development is clear and KiritoxAsuna is made into a more stable relationship!
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