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    Default Will So, I Can't Play H! get dubbed?

    Does any one know when or were could i watch So, I Can't Play H! dubbed? Or has it not been dubbed yet and if not when will it get dubbed? and if you don't know is it even getting dubbed any news on it?

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    A quick Google search reveals that this has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America. Sentai is part of Section23 Films, a company that deals with marketing anime in the US, so it's safe to guess that an English dub is possible.

    Hours later...

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    KT is right "So, I Can't Play H!" is one of Sentai Filmworks assets but sadly Sentai Filmworks tends to do sub only releases on most on there dvd's. Not what you'd like to hear but at lest I'm telling you right? an an... Please don't hit me!
    If you'd like you see a dub of this I'm welling to bet they'd like to hear your feed back, or at the very lest let them know there is an audience for a dub release.
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