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    Default who here can speak spanish

    well i can speak spanish. asi que le doy la bienvenida a aquellos hablahispanos aqui. para conocernos un poco mas, y no solo hablar en ingles. i hope the mods dont get angry if this is in spanish.
    in order to creat a new world one must tear down the old. -rourin kenshin

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    yo soy mexicana y como ves si puedo ahablar espanol. eres nuevo aqui?
    i'm falling into the anime abiss and i can't get up!!!!!!!!!!! mY maMa says i'm SpeCial.he he he.

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    No soy hispanico, pero puedo hablar un poco español. Yo he estudiado la idioma para cuatro años. No puedo hablar rapido y me equivoco mucho, pero pienso que si tengo que, (y tengo mi dicionario) puedo decir que necesito. (Tambien, mi amiga mejor es de España y ella me ayuda con todo!)

    (I'm sorry for the likely 20 mistakes I made above. Pudeo leer muchas cosas, y por regla general, comprendo que es necesario comunicar.)

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    Ah... a Spanish thread?

    Hablo español, pero no muy bien. Estoy estudiando la lengua este año en mi escuela secundaria en esperanzas que podré hablarla fluido en el futuro.

    (Soy también a medias mexicano y a medias español ^_^ )
    Feelin' evilâ„¢
    Prophet of No Pants
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    No me gusta nada espanol.
    :P I am in Spanish 1 and its starting to get hard.

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    Let's see...

    no hablar espanol

    I am taking spanish but I'm not good at it...
    Rei Izumi & Sagiri Suda Presents SIRS
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    <numeral> the more i listen to people talk about manga the more it seems like the porn industry to me
    God's In His Heaven. All's Right With The World.

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    Yo tambien pudeo habla espanol, pero not so good.

    Good ol' Sana. I'll always remember you.

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    the scary thing is, i understood all of the posts, yet i can't speak Spanish to save my life. i took Spanish for a year a few years ago, but i forgot most of it ^^;

    pero, yo hablo sign language. eh heh ^^;
    pretty much ded...

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    yo hablo español! soy mitad chilena, colombiana, hawaiian y americana!!

    es bueno saber que este forum tenga personas que hablen español, so thats it.

    is it spam to have something in spanish...... wonders,,,
    pero si es no importa, creo, de cualquier manera anime es multicultural y estoy aprendiendo portugues ahora!!!!
    haci que esta luego y que viva COLOMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and you are my precious....

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    8O i cant speak spanish at all..i m soo lost! LOL! :o

  11. #11


    My friend speaks spanish he tried to teach me but failed miserably.

    Anyone here from spain?

    My friends Uncle Drives Rally for a Spanish company Senra Sport his name is something Garcia I think drives a Peugot 307 (not sure if that's how you spell that feel free to correct me)
    "It's not English, it's not Irish, it's pikey..."

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    yo soy chicano, Mexicano Americano. He estado usando el Espanol deste que tenia 4 anos. Pero, en lo sierto, algunas veces no puedo ni tegliar bien las palabras en las "forums" de la red,heheh. Pero hablarlo si puedo, es en lo claro. ya que lo he hablado por muchos anos. ^_^

    Anyways, Spanish is my native language. While my second language is English, no duh. heheh

    Right now I am trying to make Japanese my thirth language. I guess that will also take some time for me to master. ^_^

    A4 veteran 2002, member # 88, back after a long hiatus.
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    Umm i have no idea of wat you all are talking about lol I feel confused lol i feel ur pain DarkAngel

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    Yo se poquito espanol porque mi papa es Hispanico. Estoy aprendendo pero es un poco dificil.

    I know a little bit of Spanish because my father is Hispanic. I'm learning but it's a bit difficult.

    When the sun comes up, I have morals again. -Elizabeth Taylor
    It ain't over till the fish jumps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rgchrono
    Right now I am trying to make Japanese my thirth language. I guess that will also take some time for me to master. ^_^
    Really? You too? I only speak English and some decent Spanish to the point people can usually tell what I'm trying to explain, (but that should get better by the end of this year. I refuse to go through life without being fluent in it) but I also want to take Japanese as a third language. (Not just for the anime, but because, well, I want to be trilingual. It's just something I've always wanted. And next to Spanish and English, what other language do I hear as often?)

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    el espanol es un idioma muy bonito, bueno yo hablo ingles espanol, estoy aprendiendo aleman ya que estoy aqui por ano de intercambio... bueno ya les conte mi vida. pero tambien deseo aprender el espanol, yo soy de mexico.
    in order to creat a new world one must tear down the old. -rourin kenshin

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    Hola como estas espero que bien yo solo estoy aqui es tarde pero no tengo sueno ^^ adios yo si ablo espanol pero no se escribirlo mucho

    Okay so latters for now ^^
    Imprisoning me All that i see Absoulte Horror I cannot live I cannot die Trapped in my holding cell (Metallica's One)

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    Tool "Sober"

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    Well, I just spent 2 weeks there, and I only learned a few phrases.
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    Devious I Be

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    I took a spanish class in school,but it was school related so I didn't actually learn it,I could probably teach myself if I had the time(this summer?)

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    I dunno spanish, but francais,Je suis parfait! Je suis du Canada,Je dois savoir, je sûr je dit beaucoup... lol

  21. #21


    I can speak passable spanish. I can carry on a very choppy and disjointed conversaiton, but if I was lost and had no food or water in mexico and happened to find someone, I could get directions and food or whatever.
    eighteen seconds before sunrise

    "The strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone."- Henrik Ibsen

    Halo 1 RIP

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    Spanish!! Si, hablo español, es el idioma oficial aqui. Me parece complicado de escribir y que el ingles es mil veces mas facil, pero de todas maneras es un idioma muy bonito. Je parle le francais aussi, mais je ne parle pas parfaitement. Mon exercice bimestriel de francais a été aujord'hui. J'espere que j'ai gagné une bonne calification. I just posted something in three languages, yay!!

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