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    Default What are the different types of Anime/ manga art styles?

    I know of the 'chibi' style drawing where the heads are larger than the bodies, but what I really want to know is what is the name for the style of anime/ mange drawing used in Trigun and Hellsing, and if there are any tutorials on the net please give me the links, thanks a lot.

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    That's an odd question
    I don't think chibis and someone's style can be put in the same category~_^
    Chibi's are a trick to add more fun to the picture..Someone style is personal, something you develop in time by drawing more :o
    If the art in a show is similar to another (ie ranma1/2/inuyasha) it's because it's the same artist not because there's a style that artists learn and then aply it to their works.
    If you want to learn to draw exactly something from another anime you take some pictures of it and then study them...See what makes them different, the line the artist uses, if he likes to exagerate anything, hair/eyes shape....etc
    This kind of studying usually best aplies to someone with drawing experience. If you look at the picture and just copy it, it might look like the original but you won't uderstand why it's done like that. That's why a study like that is good.
    But I don't recomend you to try to copy someone's style..You can do it once ore twice but if you do it to every drawing you make you'll loose your style. It happened to someone I knew ,and trust me, it's not really pleasant to see that when you're doing an original character it looks just like a specific anime character/style.
    Edit: How rude of me ..Welcome to the forums!
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    Setting aside chibis, there's several 'types':
    *Kawaii - This is with the HUGE eyes and the oh so cute type animation. It's almost ALWAYS meant to be comical in an innocent and/or perverted sort of way. Examples include Ranma and SailorMoon.
    *Twisted/Gothic - This usually has lanky people with very thin eyes and LOTS of black. It also tends not to hold back on nudity and gore at all. It's major set back is the guys sometimes tend to look almost JUST like the women. Best example is Vampire Hunter D. (Esp. Bloodlust)
    *Fanart - Take a guess.
    *'Gainex' - If you'll notice, the style Gainex usually gets has eyes that aren't huge and are actually rather perportionate (sp?) to the characters. Usually shows only SOME violence normally and SOME nudity on special occassions. Examples include Evangelion and BubbleGum Crisis 2040.
    *Dark Manga - The characters are not TOO cartoony, but are not as 'serious' as Gothic. While there's lots of darkness, it's still not 'gothic' but seems to be a rather cartoony attempt at it. Violence runs a tad bit rampid while keeping up some comedy relief when it's called for. Best example is Hellsing.
    *Theatrical - Some animes aim at being one-hit-wonders when they hit. Most of these choose a 'serious' type of anime where they try to get as real to life as possible. Usually characters are NOT lanky nor are there too much shadows. At the same time it's not very bright and happy. Best examples are Akira and Street Fighter II: the Movie. (More examples are the ones Manga Video sell, such as Ghost in the Shell)

    After typing all this, I forgot if I left any out. I'll probably remember later. Oh, these aren't "official" names but the names are rather accurate. So are the descriptions. So even if you don't like the names it's pretty hard to say I'm off target with how they are. (Or at least I hope!)
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