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    Default *One-Shot* FMA Fic - RoyxRiza

    Well, I know this is a one-shot, but I know there is a lot of Full Metal Alchemist fans out there and I thought I might write a fic that everybody could read without any strain or suspense. Here it is! Please read and review!
    No End In Sight ~Full Metal Alchemist~

    Summary: *ONE-SHOT* After a malignant battle with Scar, Riza is badly injured and pregnant with her and Roy's second daughter. Roy had to cut the baby out of her to save it's life, but he is fearing that there will be nothing he can do to save her, but something might happen that can save Riza's life. There might also be a little surprise that Roy nor Riza may have ever expected...

    Genre: Angsty and Romance

    Disclaimer: I don't own Full Metal Alchemist, Roy, or Riza! I only own Savannah and Mia!

    Riza fell to her side after Scar had finished choking her almost to death and breaking her neck.

    "RIZA!" a familiar male voice screamed out to her.

    It was Roy. Her beloved Roy. She could hear his sobbing cries to her. He was crying, she could hear him. Why did it have to be this way? Riza lay motionless, and she heard footsteps slowly walk away. She heard the silent wailing of a little girl. The endless wailing was making her head pound. She couldn't feel any part of her body, not even her baby kicking at her within her womb.

    "R-R-Roy?" Riza whispered out, her eyes barely open.

    "Riza!" Roy's voice said.

    She heard someone come over to her and drop next to her. Water splashed all over her from the early rain that came before this. She opened her eyes a little more, and she could see a blurry picture of Roy kneeling down beside her. She could hear his endless sobbing.

    "Riza...Riza? Can you hear me?" Roy asked.

    Riza could only nod.

    "R-Roy...it...hurts so...bad..." Riza said.

    Riza could see Roy move his arms underneath her and pick her up. Roy had Riza's body lean against his, and he softly stroked her hair.

    "It'll be okay. I promise it will be okay," Roy said in a sobbing voice.

    "Roy...the baby...the baby...she's in...d-danger..." Riza said.

    Roy gasped. He looked down at Riza's stomach and placed his hand on it. He could feel very little movement. He knew that if he didn't do something and fast, not only would he probably lose Riza, he would also lose his baby. He closed his eyes tight and tried to hold back his tears, but it didn't work. His daughter, Mia, came walking over to him and she hugged Roy's arm.

    "Daddy, is Mommy okay? Why won't Mommy get up?" Mia asked, tugging on Roy's uniform sleeve.

    Roy bit his lip and let out a few sorrowful sobs.

    "Mia? Baby...where are you?" Riza asked, reaching her shaking hand out towards her blurry daughter.

    Mia hastily took her mother's hand.

    "I'm right here, Mommy," the three-year-old said.

    Riza smiled and she encased her daughter's tiny hand with her big one. Riza sighed.

    "Mia, can you do Mommy a favor?" Riza asked.

    Roy gasped, knowing that the favor Riza was about to ask was not good. He let more tears pool down his cheeks. He clenched his fists, wanting to kill Scar with all of his power.

    "Yes, Mommy?" Mia replied, holding her mother's hand tighter.

    "Take care of your baby sister and Daddy for me after I go to sleep, okay?" Riza asked.

    "Why are you going to sleep? Are you tired?" Mia asked.

    Riza smiled again and said, "I'm very tired. I won't wake up for a long time."

    "Riza...please don't say that! PLEASE!" Roy screamed.

    Mia had no idea what was going on. Why was Daddy crying? Why was Mommy going to sleep? All of these certain questions were circling around in her head.

    "Roy, you have to cut...you have to cut...Savannah out of me..." Riza stuttered.

    Roy clenched his teeth. He didn't want to do it, but Riza was dying, and if she died, so would Savannah. He closed his eyes and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a pocket knife. Mia gasped and grabbed Roy's arm again and tugged with all her force.

    "DADDY! WHAT'S YOU DOING?!" Mia screamed frantically.

    Roy tried to ignore his daughter's cries, but it was too hard. He grabbed her arm and turned her around.

    "Mia, go into that alley and hide behind that trash can. I can't let you see this." Roy said.

    "DADDY, DON'T HURT MOMMY!" Mia screamed, trying to turn around.

    Roy stood up, grabbed Mia under the arms, and picked her up. Mia started to kick and scream as loud as she could. Roy thrusted her down on the ground and put a finger in her face.

    "If you move from this spot, I will ground you for a year, understood?" Roy said, trying his best to tempt his daughter.

    He didn't want her to see what was about to happen. He couldn't bare seeing her watch him cut Riza's stomach open. Mia began to wail.

    "UNDERSTOOD!?" Roy screamed, tears coming down his own face still.

    Mia stopped wailing and only let out silent sobs. She nodded her head in understanding. Roy sighed and got up.

    "Mia, I love you. You have to listen to me, and don't move from that spot," Roy said.

    He walked away and towards Riza, who was half unconscious and bleeding from all sorts of places. Roy grabbed his pocket knife again and flipped it open. He hesitated when he placed the blade on her stomach. He looked at her face.

    "Can you feel anything?" Roy asked.

    "No...I can't feel anything on my body...not even...the baby..." Riza said.

    Roy bit his lip. He didn't have much time and he knew it. He finally pushed down on the blade and made a wound in her stomach. Roy slid the blade down her stomach until she was all of the way cut open. Riza didn't make any sign of pain. She was telling the truth before, she couldn't feel anything at all. He dropped the knife to his side and pulled off his gloves. He dropped them at his side as well.

    "Riza...I'm pulling out the baby now," Roy said, choking on his words a little.

    Riza smiled and nodded. Roy sighed and reached his hands inside of his wife's stomach. He could feel movement of a baby inside of her. He grabbed a hold of it and slowly and carefully pulled it out. He couldn't bare to look down at the baby or his hands because of how sick it seemed. He didn't hear any crying. He put the bloody baby against his chest and began to pat its back hard.

    "Come on, Savannah, cry for Daddy. Come on!" Roy screamed.

    With one hard hit on the back, Savannah began to scream. He smiled and looked down at her. He gasped when he first laid eyes on her. He skin was brown, like an Ishbalite.

    "I-It can't be!" Roy screamed.

    Riza heard Roy say that, and she turned her head towards him and her baby.

    "Roy...what's wrong?" Riza asked weakly.

    "Savannah...her skin...it's-" Roy said, but he stopped when he thought he was going to faint when Savannah opened her eyes.

    Savannah's eyes were red, just like an Ishbalite as well. Roy couldn't believe what he was saying. Savannah had Roy's black hair, and her mother's facials, but everything else was Ishbalite. He then realized that the baby might get cold and she was still attached to the umbilical cord. He took the knife and clamped the cord shut. He cut the cord and wrapped Savannah in his black overcoat. He then stood up and went to Mia. She was still crying.

    "Mia, you have to take care of little Savannah here, okay?" Roy asked.

    Mia looked up and saw the little infant in Roy's arms. Mia nodded and Roy laid the baby in her tiny arms.

    "I taught you how to hold a baby, and keep her like that, okay?" Roy said, wiping his eyes from tears.

    Mia nodded again and looked down at her little sister. Roy stood up and walked back over to Riza. He closed her stomach as far as he could and took off his uniform jacket. He wrapped it around Riza's stomach, and soon, Roy found himself to be freezing cold, the cold rain stinging at his bare skin. Roy shivered and picked Riza up in his arms again. He hugged her close to him and kissed her forehead.

    "Please, don't die on me, Riza. I love you so much. I can't bare to live without you," Roy said, tears streaming down his face and onto Riza's.

    Riza sighed and laid her head against Roy's shoulders.

    "I'm sorry, honey. I wish...things could've gone another direction," Riza said.

    Roy let out loud sobs of pain and agony. Riza had never seen him cry like this before. She reached a shaky hand up to his head and stroked his wet black hair.

    "Roy, don't give up on life, okay?" Riza asked.

    Roy hesitantly nodded. Riza felt the life draining out of her like water went through fingers. She was about ready to fall unconscious, when another voice screamed from down the street. Her eyes shot back open, and her unconsciousness was extended farther in time. Roy's head shot up as well, knowing that voice all too well.

    "Armstrong," Roy mumbled.

    A grin appeared on his lips when he saw Armstrong running down the sidewalk towards them with Havoc running behind him.

    "Roy! Riza!" Havoc called out.

    All three of them finally came to them and Armstrong studied Riza.

    "Colonel Mustang, what happened here?" Armstrong asked.

    "Scar attacked us. He's gone now. We need to find Riza a hospital immidiately!" Roy said.

    Armstrong then noticed something.

    "Where is your unborn?" he asked.

    Roy looked at Armstrong and then back at the alley.

    "She's with Mia behind that trashcan," Roy replied.

    "Did Riza give birth to her before, during, or after Scar attacked her?" Havoc asked.

    "Neither. I cut it out of her after Scar attacked her," Roy replied.

    Armstrong and Havoc made disgusted faces.

    "That's...too much information." Havoc said, turning away.

    "You asked," Roy said, looking at Armstrong.

    "Yeah, we need to get her back to Central Base. The doctors there can help Riza and your baby," Armstrong said, taking Roy from Riza's arms.

    He picked her up and had Riza's head lay against his. Riza sighed and smiled. She knew everything was going to be alright now.

    "Havoc, get Mia and the infant," Armstrong said.

    Havoc nodded and went to the alley. He came back with Mia at his side and Savannah in his arms. The baby was still crying.

    "You better not smoke around that baby, or I'll make you a human torch, understand me, Havoc?" Roy said, threateningly.

    Havoc gulped and nodded. He walked with Roy and Armstrong back to the base. It was two days later that Roy finally recieved news that Riza was going to be alright, and the baby will be okay as well. After recieving the news, Roy sighed and smiled. Havoc came and sat down next to him.

    "Great job. If it weren't for you, they wouldn't alive right now. I would've never guessed you would make this good of a husband and a father, Roy," Havoc said, leaning back in his chair.

    He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

    "Well, things happen, Havoc. If it weren't for Riza, I wouldn't be a father or a husband, so really, the credit has to go to her," Roy said.

    Havoc then remembered something as he put a cigarette in his mouth.

    "Oh, and about your kid. She's an Ishbalite, am I correct?" Havoc asked.

    Roy nodded sadly.

    "Well, good news. In case you were thinking that Riza might've had an affair with Scar or something, we did a test on Savannah. It turns out, you two are the biological parents of Savannah. We have no idea how she got Ishbalite DNA in her body," Havoc announced.

    Roy smiled and sighed.

    "Thank God," Roy said.

    A doctor finally came out and said, "Colonel Roy Mustang? Your wife wishes to see you,"

    Roy looked up and rose out of his chair. He followed the doctor to Riza's room and saw her leaning against the headboard of her bead with Savannah wrapped in a pink and white blanket in her arms. She was giggling and playing with Savannah. Savannah reached her chubby arms up to her mother to try and swat at her hair. When Roy entered the room, Savannah let out a cute giggle. Roy smiled and walked farther into the room. Riza looked up and smiled.

    "Hi, honey," Riza said.

    "Hi, sweetheart," Roy replied.

    He walked over and sat next to Riza on her bed. Riza scooted over so Roy could fully get in bed with her. Riza leaned Savannah to her Dad and put her in his arms.

    "I suppose you've already met her, but here's your little baby girl again," Riza said.

    Roy smiled at how beautiful Savannah was. Even though she was an Ishbalite, there was no changing that Savannah was his little girl.

    "Where's Mia?" Roy asked, still looking down at Savannah.

    "She's sleeping. She went over to the Hughes' home to spend the night with Elysia is what I heard from Havoc," Riza said.

    "Good. I thought Havoc took her to his house or something. I got worried," Roy said, laughing a little.

    Riza laughed as well. She leaned over towards Roy and put her hand on his cheek. He turned his head towards her and soon, Roy and Riza locked lips. Riza parted her lips so Roy could slip his tongue in. About a minute later, they parted.

    "I love you, Roy Mustang," Riza said.

    "I love you too, Riza Hawkeye," Roy replied.

    "It's Riza Mustang now. Get it right," Riza said, playfully shoving Roy a little.

    Roy laughed and corrected, "Fine. I love you too, Riza Mustang."

    Riza giggled.

    "Now that's better," Riza said.

    She kissed him again. Even though Roy knew he had lost the people he cared most about a few days ago, he knew that love could pass through the toughest of elements and through time. Being with Riza was like time had suddenly stopped and he was going to remain with her in that point in time for the rest of his life. His past didn't matter now, the only thing that mattered to him now was the present. He knew there was no end in sight for his and Riza's love.

    There's a melody in my head
    And I haven't stopped hummin' it since I saw your face
    There's a feelin' I can't forget
    It started with you kissing me that way
    And there's no end in sight

    I'm gonna love you like there is
    Like there is no end in sight
    I'm gonna love you like there is no end in sight

    I wanna laugh, I wanna live
    And I'm gonna love you like there is
    There is no end, is no end, is no end in sight...

    Again, please read and review!

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    Y Tabby Y? ;-;

    anyway I liked it very cute I thought Riza was going to die but nah u turned the tables around. ;o

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    I enjoyed it. I also thought Riza was going to be a goner, but the twist really made it enjoyable and alot less sad.

    I'd like to see more stories from you.

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