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Thread: Real Life Akira Movie

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    Default Real Life Akira Movie

    I recently found this article about the making of a real life Akira movie:

    Warner Bros. Pictures have set their sights on another comic books success with the production of a live action, english-language version of the classic anime "Akira". Hoping to ensure its success, the studio has asked the veteran comic book to movie team of Norrington and Robinson to develop the Project.

    Directing the project will be Stephen Norrington, who has just wrapped production on the superhero drama "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." Joining him will be "League" screenwriter James Robinson.
    "I've been a fan of the anime for many years and understand which elements would have to be brought to a live-action translation of it," Robinson told Daily Variety. "I've tried to retain as many iconic elements of the anime as possible."

    Released in 1988, "Akira" was the brainchild of Katsuhiro Otomo, who directed the film and wrote the comic from which it stemmed. The remake will tell the story of a bike gang leader who must rescue his younger brother from his involvement in Akira, a secret government project. In the process, the biker must do battle with anti-government activists, greedy politicians and irresponsible scientists.

    What do you think about it? Would you go see it? would you like it if you did?

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    This looks like the "Live Action DBZ movie" thread, this movie was even mentioned in there. I'd go see it, to see what it's like, to see the difference, and to see the special effects. I don't know if I'd like it at this point though, I'd have to see it first.
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    man, where have you been knuck?? that idea has been going through the WB's brain for years now, since 1998. Hmm..I'm still wondering how they will actually make it, I sure hope they don't kill it.

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    Depends on who's in it. Hopefully some "talented" actors and a good director. I ain't going if Vin Diesel's involved. -_-

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    /me hopes vin diesel is actually kaneda, and drives around the kickass motorcycle!....not. i hope it turns out okay, but im not getting my hopes up yet...need to see whos in it, and what it looks like first.

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    I seriously hope....it never comes to be. Cause I bet it will most likely suck. The anime is enough....we don't need a live action version. I think the idea is stupid. It's just another way for the creators to make money off something as old as it is. It'd just be weird to see a live action Akira. O.o

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    I agree, if they attempt this it will most likely fail. They wouldn't be able to pull it off unless they put in 60-90 million dollars. I doubt that they could make the model sets needed for this film not to mention the city from the original.

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    This sounds kinda scary. I know that they probably have the special effects technology to pull of a really kool looking Tetsuo blob...but it kind of wouldn't be the same.

    I'd go and see it though. Give it a chance. I'm not sure if I'd like it though...
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    if it's WB, they will put that kind of money down the line to make that kind of a movie. As for the whole city thing, hmmm..good question?? Akihabara and Miyasaki make good towns to make that movie at. Or, if they want to make it in the US, Just go to downtown L.A at 28 street skip road, and that's a perfect place for them to make Akira at. tell anybody who lives in L.A what skip road is, they should know. Is rat town, drug town, whatever people want to call it. Either way, I do like the idea of the WB making this movie, that is if the people that did Matrix work on it, now that will be something.

    A4 veteran 2002, member # 88, back after a long hiatus.
    Got kicked out of a strip club due to tipping a stripper with a Filet-o-Fish.

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    Hopefully they dont end up making mistakes like changing the names of the main characters and hollywood crap like that. If they do it I'll see it, but I hope its good enough to own on dvd.

    I agree on the skip road thing. They could use one of those bars down there for the biker hangout.

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    I pray this is never released. (See: Every other anime-turned-live-action and replaced with American actors and writers.)

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    What gets me is that they can succesfully bring comic book characters to live action. The X-Men, Superman, Spiderman, Batman were all pretty good. Maybe its because in anime we see how the characters move and act. I dont know, I just dont want them to mess up.

    Oh and by the way, I only like the first two Batman movies. The others were garbage.

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    Well....I'm looking forward to this...
    Because lets face it, there's a chance that it's good, and even if it sucks it's not like they're going to tie us down to a chair and make us rewatch it 8000 times, right?

    And, there's always going to be some people who likes it, and thus they might become interested in anime, which means more people joins in on the "GIVE US MORE ANIME DAMNIT!"-shouting.

    And that is the worst case scenario, not too shabby for a worst case scenario, ne?
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    Hmm... well, wastaz does have a point. I guess if it does get made, I'd console myself with the knowledge that this might rally more of an audience for anime, which would in turn help availability.

    But I have to agree with Soul:
    The anime is enough....we don't need a live action version.
    That's really the bottom line for me too. I'm a purist... Why create a variation on the original project?

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    Thats a good point Jess, but if it were turned into a live-action movie, as wastaz said, it would at least make anime more widely known, increasing the interest. I dont have a problem with a live-action version, but I would rathwer see a live action done of Princess Mononoke, done by the producers of the LOTR movies, would be truly breathtaking.

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    When the X-Men movie was coming out, i remember heaps of people were against it in the same way we are against making animes into live actions films. But X-Men was done well and didnt totally ruin it, it was made stronger and more popular becuase of it.

    Although there is a risk of totally destroying Akira if they do it poorly, Warner Bros usually have a big budget and im sure they'll do it well.

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    the way i see it live action movies based off of animes can be soooo cool but yet again can be a bomb.... it matters if they change it enough and if they change it to where it would make sense and actualy work ith real people... example, no human can have Gokus hair common ive tried before it doesnt physicaly work trust me. things like that would need to be worked out and a normal person in gokus outfit would look mmmmmm ....... homosexual at best.

    mix Matrix and Akira up with good acting and directing and hell yes this movie could kick some serious @$$!!! I think they should get the people wwho directed the recent marvel movies such as Xmen and Spiderman to do it that would be soooo cool cus those movies were good and they pulled it off just rite the super hero aspect that is.

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    The Forgotten One

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    I really don't like this idea. They're gonna take away all the creativity that was originally made in the anime. I'll have to see cause right now I don't like this idea.

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    We already have a good movie of it, we don't really need it.

    But I am not against it, I don't mind seeing what it will be like. It seems like they have at least one good person to work on it.
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    It's possible to redo animes very very well. The plot is air tight and the characters are right there. There could be some sort of artistic licensing, but just as long as there's no giant remake of the plot, fans will be rooting all the more.

    I hope it'll be violent, and less 'action'. Or that they'll do amazing camera angles and the such. Akira has a lot of potential.

    *waits for a ninja/samurai movie*

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    Is it trueor is it a lie? If it was true it would probably be really badly made.

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    I would love to see it, but it depends on who's directing, who's in it, how they recreate all the different places. If it was done by Peter Jackson with a great line up of actors and such. It might be pretty cool.
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    Default Re: Real Life Akira Movie

    Quote Originally Posted by Knuckles10
    What do you think about it?
    Heard about this quite a while ago. It sounds interesting and has potential. Hopefully, there won't be too much American influence in it (that's doubtful, though)

    Quote Originally Posted by Knuckles10
    Would you go see it?
    Yes, if the trailers and whatnot looked convincing enough.

    Quote Originally Posted by Knuckles10
    would you like it if you did?
    Can't really say until i actually did see it.

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    Id go see it aslong as its better than the fist of the north star live action movie damn that was shite
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    I would love to see this and I hope that they do a good job on it ^_^

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