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Thread: Cute Anime Names

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    Default Cute Anime Names

    Im lookin for some cute anime names to name my Diablo 2 characters. I already named my sorc Sumomo from Chobits, I cant think of anymore kawaii names. Im hopin some of u can think some for me. Thanks.

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    Names that rhyme are cute, in my opinion. Like Mimi, Mini, etcetera.
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    ummm leme thinkies...Sosuke (boy) wowies *me goes blank* ill checkies back w/ ya later ^__________^

    8/6/12 - Never forget T.O.B

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    Shinichi. It sounds cute. I'm not sure if it's a real name, but it doesn't really matter. ^^;
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    Default uhm

    Sakura, Mirouku, Shippo, Kirara,Onigumo

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    Belldandy,Mina,Yae, to name a few

    A4 Hellsing Orginization

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    Sakrua!!!!!!!!!!! duh how couldies i forget lolers! ^________^

    8/6/12 - Never forget T.O.B

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    Cute anime names?... Chiyo would be my choice.

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    Maya is quite a nice one, but i think that Shippo is pretty cute in its way. Sakura too.
    R.I.P. Stan.

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    sasami is a cute name. or sora, i love that name

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    i love that game...
    but the bastards refuse to give us patch 1.10...
    ah, well...


    CUTE D2 char, anime names?
    if i met like a sorc named Belldandy...
    i would laugh mah @$$ off...
    "Lina Inverse"?

    sry, my brain seems to be malfunctioning...
    Gore is great but should never be combined with sex
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    my d2 character is called scratchcat. we should all have a mass questing session one time

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    erm ..let me see .. IKa?? or how bout eriko ?? or yuki ?? ... (give up)
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    Quote Originally Posted by shanghai_scratch_cat
    sasami is a cute name. or sora, i love that name
    I agree. I'd also add Fuu, it sounds cute, and Umi, Sakura, Ruri, Hari...I know there are more I just can't think at the moment.

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    Chi... awwwww... tho i kinda like one of Japanese friend's name: Ito
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    I dont know why, but i think that Ed seems like a cool name and cute for a girl. Ryoko sounds quite nice too.
    R.I.P. Stan.

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    Hmmm, RyoOhki to be kawaii, Nolt for a typical slash-everything-to-pieces-with-maul person, Gendo (no comment, just cool), Evangelion, Sasami, Pyoro, well, lost track now...

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    lemme see...

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    how about ruri, it may not be a cute name but shes a cute little girl just look at these pictures:

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    How bout... Nadare... the best name I can think of that was not mentioned yet.

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    Sakura, Mirouku, Shippo, Kirara,Onigumo
    I Agree that shippo and Kirara are cute names,but not Onigumo!
    INUYASHA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F**K ANY ONE THAT THINKS DIFFRENTLY..............no offence?!

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    Default ffgfg

    Onigumo ain't cute but its cool...Kaede is always a good name...alot of you are picking names from anime which aren't even japanese...Ed? yeah bebop...someone said Maya...could be Nihongo but I always thought that was a black name...

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