I stumbled upon this about 10 minutes ago after digging through all of my files, deleting the unnecessary ones. I wrote it about 2 years ago after watching the end of the Burst Angel series. It's supposed to be the beginning of a rewrite from a particular point to the end. Mainly, I think, because I wasn't happy with

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Ignore the very last bit, I'm not continuing this unless requested to. I just lack the gumption, and the memory of the series.

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What is written beyond this point is MY revision of the Burst Angel Series Ending Episode.
The ending that Gonzo and FUNimation managed to formulate was EXTREMELY unfulfilling. Please, there WILL be spoilers, so if you HAVEN'T seen the ending, PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS POST.

If you have seen the ending, please continue reading.

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The story picks up shortly after Jo and Megumi(Meg) wind up back on the Japanese shore. At the exact point that I resume, meg had just asked Jo if she had wanted to go live a peaceful life elsewhere, just the two of them (essentially confessing her more-than-a-friend feelings for Jo.) I acknowledge that large chunks of the ending will be missing due to my horrible memory and serious lack of wanting to endure another bout of crying after watching the ending a second time around. At a later point, I may come back and write-in my own account of how things happened, thus bringing more intergrity to the fact that I am rewriting the WHOLE EPISODE, not just the ending.

Please, enjoy, and at the end of this, I hope you can visualize what I have chosen to write, and cry tears of joy, not ones of sadness like I have.


Meg quietly listened, awaiting Jo's answer. She looked up at the clothes hanging to dry. (Looks like they're about dry,) she thought. The trees that they were hanging on seemed to go on forever into the azure sky. She liked the outdoors a lot. The rich, earthy smell of a forest, and the acrid salt of the sea, now THAT was a smell she enjoyed. Even over the scent of Kyohei's cooking. (Speaking of Kyo,) she thought, (I wonder what he's up to these days. I hear Tokyo is a mess.) Meg glanced over at the platinum blonde angel lying next to her. Genocide or not, Jo had managed to live up to her name. She raised herself on her elbows and glanced down at Jo's face. She really did look like an angel when she was sleeping. "You've always been the angel, there to protect me and watch over me, by any means necessary. Well, now, I'm gonna be the one watching over YOU. I'll be here to protect you for ever." She gave Jo a light kiss on the cheek. She stood, gathered her clothes, put them on, and left for town.

A short time later, Jo awoke and sat up. She realized that Meg was gone, and had taken her garments with her. She remembered a conversation with Meg, something about going into town to get food, but the rest was a blank. She must have dozed off around that point. She rose, colecting her blanket. *shff...* Jo stiffened. That wasn't a natural sound from the forest. Something was here. She insctinctively reached for her gun, but in her nakedness, she had nothing but her blanket. She could distinctively make out three black figures out in the forest, advancing at an alarmingly rapid rate. She took her fighting stance. (Whatever the hell they are, they probably aren't friendly,) she mused. Three sets of three red eyes flashed in the distance, and they began their assault.

The first unit leaped into the air with inhuman speed, but Jo was faster. Using her enhanced abilities, she identified it as some sort of bio-engineered assasin in a fraction of a second. It was definetely humanoid, about the size and build of a full-grown man. It wore a skintight black-and-white dressing of some kind, and its face was nothing more than a circular flat metal plate with three glowing crimson eyes. (Just as I thought, these things are definetely NOT friendly.) The leader unit, the one in the air, tried to bring its blade down on Jo's neck, but Jo was much faster. A hard blow to the abdomen from Jo's right leg sent it sprawling into a tree. Two and Three, as Jo had already tagged them, jumped in the air, and attempted to succeed where one had failed, but were brought down in a hail of machinegun fire, emanating from somewhere within the trees. Jo dove and lay flat on the ground, expecting another enemy, probably RAPT, but what emerged from the trees was not an enemy.

Perhaps it was the distinct hairstyle, or maybe the unique purple eyes, but Jo recognized her immediately as the leader of Osaka's Hawk Squad, Takane Katsu. Takane screamed. "HA! Suck on that, ya freaks!" A second figure emerged from behind Takane, whom she recogized as Leo Jinno, the Bailan mechanic. Leo was responsible for the maintenance of Jo's cybot, Django. "Now, now, Takane. Don't get too carried away. You know what happens when you get crazy." Takane looked up at Leo longingly, and drawled, "Awww... Yer no fun." Jo looked at the both of them. "Thanks. Have either of you seen Meg?" The pair shook their heads in unison. "Nope, why?" Jo crossed her arms. "She said something about going into town to go get some food. I was hoping she was with you. Doesn't matter, she'll be alright. Where are we?" Takane replied, "About 5 miles east of Yokohama. We were worried about ya. Sei couldn't get ahold of either you or meg fer a while. Oh! Here. Sei thought ya might need this." She removed a spare set of clothes from her backpack and tossed them to Jo. A lively tune began playing from within Takane's skirt. "Speaka the devil." Takane produced a cell phone from within her pocket. She opened the phone and put it up to her ear. "Whaddya want? ... yeah, we found 'er ... nothin' from the looks of it ... Uh huh ... ... ... YOU ARE NUTS. I am not chargin' headfirst right into RAPT Headquarters! You Tokyo folks are real nutjobs. Yeah, I'll ask. Call back later."

She closed her phone, repocketed it and looked intently at Leo. "She wants us ter get the trailer, make our way ter Tokyo, and wait there fer her so as we can stage an attack on RAPT Headquarters. I never heard anything more stupid in my life." Jo cracked her neck twice. "I don't know. Sounds interesting to me. Where's the trailer?" Leo thumbed along the coast. It's parked about a quarter mile from here. I've already got Django loaded up and everything. Let's go." Jo finished pulling on her coat and stood to leave.


A voice called out from the forest, behind them. Jo turned slowly around, turning to face a very confused looking Meg. "Wait a minute... You're not going with them, are you? You can't! This is madness!" She dropped the bags, much of the contents spilling out and rolling away. She balled her hands into fists and started moving toward Jo. She pressed her arms against Jo's shouders. Tears were forming in her eyes. "What happened to just you and me? We can walk away, right now, walk away from this madness. Let's go, Jo. Let's go somewhere quiet." Jo wrapped her arm around Meg's neck. "Meg, you know I can't do that. We have to finish this. We must finish what we started, or this madness will just continue." Meg was openly sobbing now. "Then I'm going with you! I'm never going to leave your side again! You were always there to watch over me. Now it's my turn. I'm gonna watch over you!" Jo pushed Meg foward gently, just enough to let their eyes meet. "Meg, It's too dangerous. I'm afraid... this is goodbye." Meg looked down and leaned forward. "No. I'm not letting you go. I can't let you die, not after all we've been through." Jo spoke. "Alright. You can stop crying now." Meg looked up, eyes brimming with tears and hope, murmuring, "You mean I can come with you?" Jo sighed. "I'm afraid not." In one deft movement, Jo raised her left arm and struck Meg about the head so hard that she was knocked quite unconcious.

Meg slumped into Jo's right arm. Everyone, including Jo, was shocked at what had just happened. Jo carried Meg over to a wooden boat that was beached in the sand, leaned her up against it, removed her own jacket and draped it across Meg's shoulders. "I'm sorry, Meg, but I can't put you in this kind of danger anymore." She gathered the food and drink, put it back in the bags and placed it next to her. She kneeled and kissed Meg on the cheek. "Goodbye, Megumi."

For the first time in her life, Jo cried. All through the ride to Tokyo, tears of regret and sadness ran down her cheeks. She would never forget her. That look, so full of hope and life, that was how she would always know Meg. They had been together for so many years, and had been there for each other through the thick and thin, and now she had brought about the end of that, by striking the only one that loved her and abandoning her on the sand. As the tears rolled down her cheeks, she looked the photos of them spread out on the table. They were all here, every single one, from when they were in New York to their trip to Tokyo Fortune Island a few weeks ago. She sorted them into chronological order, and put them back into the box where they belonged.

* * * * * *

They had arrived at the outskirts of Tokyo.

Leo rolled the trailer into the parking lot where Sei was waiting. Everyone disembarked, including Jo. She had put thoughts of Meg away in the back of her mind. (I can't let those thoughts cloud my judgement, or I could put the whole team in danger,) she thought. Sei nodded to everyone. "Thank you for coming. As you can see, we're one member short, so we are going to have compensate. RAPT Headquarters is heavily fortified, and we can most definetely assume we aren't going through the front doors. Now, thanks to Amy's handiwork, we've found a weak point in their security. If we enter through the basement loading docks, security there should be pretty thin. Of course, we'll still have to be careful." Jo nodded thoughtfully. "So what of this 'third neuron' project RAPT was working on?" Sei sighed. "Of course, to eliminate the third neuron network, It's going to take teamwork, brains, and firepower. I think Jo's got us covered on that angle."

(AT this point I suppose there should be some sort of literary roadblock with a sign that says: "CAUTION: UNEVEN PLOT SURFACE AHEAD." I have yet to erect my author's scaffold here and begin work, but I have already completed a good portion of the rest of the story. This jump goes from Sei's meeting with the remaining members of the group until after they arrive at RAPT HQ, and begins with Megumi awakening alone on the beach... Please pardon our dust as we construct a smooth transition for your convenience! ^.^

Meg awoke with a sharp pain in her head. "Ow. What happened? Was that all a dream?" She looked up at the now midday sky. The sun was directly overhead, just as it should've been. "Okay, I'm not dead. But where am I?" As she moved her head down, she became aware that something was covering her chest. She looked down and saw Jo's jacket covering her shoulders. Everything came back in a flash. Waking up on the shore, going in to town, coming back to find Jo, the argument, and Jo hitting her in the head. Once again, the tears came back with full force. Her fists clenched, she screamed, "JO, YOU IDIOT!!!"

A few minutes later, Meg could make out a thin vehicle approaching down the road. It was a small blue scooter, being driven by a teenage boy. (Hey, could that be... Naw, couldn't be. How would he be able to get past the barricades? Wait... IT IS! IT'S KYO!) Meg stood sharply and waved at the ex-chef. Kyo pulled his scooter over to the side of the road. Meg jogged over to Kyo and greeted him. "How'd you get past the RAPT barricades?" Kyo scratched the back of his head. "I dont know. It was like this lane had been cleared through them, like a bulletproof bulldozer drove through them. Sure enough, One of them led out of the city. I'm just glad to be out of there." Meg grinned. "So then you won't mind giving me a ride back?" Kyo shuddered. "B-But I j-j-just go--" "GREAT! I knew I could count on you!" She ran back to the boat, gathered her things, and jumped onto the back of his scooter. (Great... I've really got to learn to assert myself.) Kyo sulked. He boarded the scooter, turned the engine over, and pulled a U-turn, heading back towards Tokyo.

The small battery-powered vehicle was drowned out by the sound of the wind.

Bear with me for more of the story! I appreciate reviews...