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Valvrave the Liberator Season 2

The second season of laser space vampire high schoolers piloting suicidal mechs against space-nazis and space-USA.

Kill la Kill

Ryuko is searching for her father's murderer, her only clue half of a pair of giant scissors. She transfers into Honnoji Academy, a dystopian high school ruled by the student council who possess Goku Uniforms; uniforms imbued with super powers.

Pokemon Origin

A reboot/retelling of the original Pokemon game, featuring Red and Green as the protagonist and rival. Much grittier and truer to the Pokemon manga Adventures in tone and direction.

Kyoukai no Kanata

A pair of high schoolers, a half youmu boy and a girl who can wield blood magic, wind up involved in super natural events occurring in their town.

Hajime no Ippo Rising

Long awaited new season of the well-known anime and manga, about a young boxer named Ippo rising up through Japan's ranks, as he aims for a match against his rival, Miyata.

Space Dandy

The Dandiest Man in Space, Dandy, is an alien hunter searching for undiscovered species with his robot assistant QT and a cat alien named Meow.


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Tag: writing

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  1. Hoping For A Change

    Posted By JohnWolff 03-06-15 09:10 AM
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    Last Post: 03-07-15 10:53 AM
    by Oh Snap.   Go to last post
  2. CYOAs and RPGs

    Posted By JohnWolff 01-26-15 07:46 PM
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    Last Post: 01-26-15 07:46 PM
    by JohnWolff   Go to last post
  3. My story idea♥

    Posted By Kaoru Asuna 06-21-14 05:35 PM
    • Comments:11
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    Last Post: 06-27-14 08:00 PM
    by Kaoru Asuna   Go to last post
    • Comments:19
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    Last Post: 02-26-13 05:22 PM
    by vessicator   Go to last post
  4. - [Arata Kimura] -

    Posted By Ohaius 07-01-12 08:57 PM
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    Last Post: 07-01-12 08:57 PM
    by Ohaius   Go to last post


  5. Anime Jobs?

    Started by Genesis Rhapsodos, 06-18-12 02:56 PM
    japan, japanese, writing
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 786
    Last Post: 06-19-12 12:19 PM
    by Genesis Rhapsodos  Go to last post


  6. Important

    Posted By SirAuron 03-05-12 10:29 PM
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    Last Post: 03-05-12 10:29 PM
    by SirAuron   Go to last post


  7. Writing Woes

    Started by DevilSummonerSho26, 02-10-12 07:49 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    advice, anime, manga, rant, writing
    • Replies: 27
    • Views: 1,570
    Last Post: 02-12-12 05:38 PM
    by DevilSummonerSho26  Go to last post
  8. Looking for co-bloggers

    Started by Otaku Jordan, 11-21-11 10:30 PM
    blog, writing
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 352
    Last Post: 11-22-11 12:01 AM
    by Struggler  Go to last post
  9. NaNoWriMo

    Started by Rusted-Blade666, 10-26-11 03:14 AM
    story, writing
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 428
    Last Post: 10-27-11 12:36 AM
    by Rusted-Blade666  Go to last post
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 578
    Last Post: 05-29-11 05:35 PM
    by MoSteel  Go to last post
  10. What are you wanting in a book?

    Started by Writr_91, 05-29-11 09:21 AM
    anime, books, writing
    • Replies: 15
    • Views: 1,693
    Last Post: 07-16-11 04:12 PM
    by hizumi12012  Go to last post
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